PVE Retribution Paladin DPS Guide WotLK 3.3.5a

Game: Wrath of the Lich King
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Welcome to the Retribution Paladin DPS guide for World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Retribution Paladin in a raid. The guide includes Talents, Glyphs, Gems, Enchantments, Add-ons, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

Below-mentioned is a standard spec that has all of the core and necessary talents in Retribution Tree, Divine Intellect, and Aura Mastery.

Retribution Paladin Talent Tree Wow 3.3.5a

Gems are situational and depend on the build and equipment. They are used to reach the required stat caps.

Relentless Earthsiege Diamond

requires at least 1 of each color to be activated. Fill other the sockets with Bold Cardinal Ruby.

Retribution Paladin does not have a solid combination of skills, though it is advised to use this priority list below:

Hammer of Wrath -> Judgement -> Crusader Strike -> Divine Storm -> Consecration -> Exorcism -> Holy Wrath

The rest of the time, use any skill which comes out of cooldown.

Hit -> Expertise -> Strength -> Critical Strike Rating -> Agility -> Haste

You will need 8% of Hit (263 hit rating) to never miss the boss with your melee attacks. Expertise reduces the chance of your attacks being parried or dodged. 26 Expertise (213 rating) is the soft cap, after which the boss won’t be able to dodge your attacks.

Strength is the primary stat of this spec, as it provides attack power and scales well with raid buffs. Stack as much as possible. Critical Strike rating is a significant component of our overall DPS. Agility also increases the critical strike rating making it an attractive secondary stat. Last on the list is Haste, which is mainly useful to increase auto-attack frequency.


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Hi, instead of Divine Intellect and Aura Mastery, you can put this 6 points into Divinity and Divine Sacrifice if your raid has already a Paladin or two with Aura Mastery, to increase survivability


If you have t10 2 Set bonus, your spell priority will look more like this
Judgement > Divine Storm > Crusader Strike > Hammer of Wrath > Consecration > Exorcism
Never use Holy Wrath as a dps cd, its a utility. use it to stun undead as need be

Warmane Core Experience FYI incase its different on other wotlk servers




How much need agility

wow mom
wow mom

how much need strength

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