pve protection paladin talents & builds (wotlk 3.3.5a)

Game: Wrath of the Lich King
Content Type: Gaming Guides

Considering the fact we are reviewing the latest patch of our expansion, we will have a talent build that brings both aoe capabilities and utility for the whole party/raid.

This build will be most useful at high end content, regarding the fact that there are no points in Divinity, so we assume that your party/raid group  has capable healers.

WotLK PVE Protection Paladin Talents

While you may have seen this build around, we will have some minor changes to it. The Protection Paladin build has a variety of useful choices such as Ardent Defender, Spiritual Attunement, Judgements of the Just.

The only two  variations that this build has is the Seal of Command and  two points instead of one into ,Spiritual Attunement while not many people take Seal of Command, it is a wonderful seal for generating threat through damage during area of effect  mob fights, in combination with Hammer of the Righteous it will build up a lot of threat. The second point into Spiritual Attunement will grant you more mana through the healing you receive and it makes a big difference when compared to just one point.We will have points added into Vindication in order to debuff the boss reducing its attack power.

One major defensive cooldown for the whole party/raid is Divine sacrifice, it will transfer 30% of the damage that your party members receive to you in a limited radius, it is a very strong spell used to mitigate one-shot mechanics from bosses.

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Sorry, I have to disagree with you on this one… Vindication is not a good talent, bosses are not affected by it. It’s only usefull levelling up or in PvP, absolutely not in PvE. So those 2 points should go in Conviction in your build. Also, there is no point to take Crusade if not 3/3, and Spiritual Attunement is not that good so only 1/2 in it to have Crusade 3/3 will be more efficient in my opinion ^^

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