pve protection paladin stat priority (wotlk 3.3.5a)

Game: Wrath of the Lich King
Content Type: Gaming Guides

As stats go we will want to focus on the following:

  1. Defense
  2. Expertise and Hit Rating
  3. Stamina
  4. Armor
  5. Parry
  6. Dodge
  7. Block

540 Defense rating is the cap that you will want to achieve, anything other than that puts you at risk of being called a “Paper Tank”. Hit rating just like any other melee class will be 8% which means 263 Hit rating. When we are thinking about expertise, we should remember that our talents help us cap it along with the Glyph of Seal of Vengeance like we mentioned earlier.

Being a tank means that you have to stack armor and stamina, which is pretty much self explanatory, that is why we chose to stack stamina gems in the first place.

Parry and dodge rating will be prioritized over block value due to the fact that our class, unlike the Protection Warrior, is not specialized in block tanking.

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