PVE Fire Mage DPS Guide WotLK 3.3.5a

Game: Wrath of the Lich King
Content Type: Gaming Guides

Welcome to the Fire Mage guide for World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Fire Mage including: Introduction, Talents, Glyphs, Gems, Enchantments, Professions, Gear, Stat Priorities & General numbers, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips, and Consumables.

To start with, you should keep in mind that a fire mage is viable in raid groups more than in any other environment. The reason for this is the fact that the fights are longer with much larger health pool bosses – and as Fire Mage is considered one of the top DPS classes due to their insane burst and sustained damage over the whole fight duration, they are most suited for the role.

With that being said let’s start at the beginning, choosing the race. 

This could be insignificant for the most but it has a huge impact on your end game content, the best race for Horde is Troll and the best race for Alliance is Gnome or Draenei.

  • Undead: Will of the Forsaken (CC breaker on some bosses)
  • Troll: Berserking (Cast Speed CD)
  • Blood Elf: Arcane Torrent (Mana) and Highest Base Intellect (Little extra crit)

       Overall the best race for PvE is Troll.

  • Human: Increased Spirit (More crit with Molten Armor)
  • Gnome: Increased Int (more crit)
  • Draenei: Increase Raid Hit by 1%.

       Gnome or Draenei are the best choices for Alliance. Humans are the best race for spirit stacked mages

  • Tailoring : Effectively 98 Spell Power: 295 SP proc for 15 seconds and a 50% proc chance, this equates to roughly a consistent +98 spell power assuming it procs right after the Internal Cooldown finishes (45 seconds). 
  • Engineering: Effectively 68 Haste and 12 Crit with movement speed boost : (Hyperspeed Accelerators) 340 Haste active with 20% uptime and (Nitro Boosts) 3 Minute CD movement speed boost along with 24 Crit rating. 
  • Jewelcrafting: Effectively 48 Spell Power: 3 Dragons Eye Gems (39SP, 34 Crit, 34 Haste). Generally SP dragons eyes are taken. This equates to 48 Bonus SP compared to normal epic gems.
  • Alchemy: Effectively 47 Spell Power: Mixology gives bonus SP on Flask of the Frost Wyrm.
  • Enchanting: Effectively 46 Spell Power: 2 ring enchants (23 × 2).
  • Blacksmithing: Effectively 46 Spell Power: 2 bonus gem sockets, 1 on Wrists, 1 on Hands.
  • Inscription: Effectively 46 Spell Power: This replaces the 24 SP and 15 crit rating Shoulder Enchant from Sons of Hodir.
  • Leatherworking: Effectively 46 Spell Power: Fur Lining – Spell Power (76 Spell power) replaces the Standard 30 Spell power wrist Enchant.
  • Skinning: 40 Crit Rating: Master of Anatomy.
  • Mining: Gives Stamina (Not worth it).
  • Herbalism: Only gives a heal (Not worth it).
    Tailoring is must for every caster due to how much Spell Power you gain from it and Engineering is second best due how much valuable the movement speed can be in some crucial situations along with the haste bonus.
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marco ocampo

1 question , can i change sanctified pants for armor ? then look for plage scientist pants?


No, IF you use ps pants lose t10 bonuses

Kryštof Hák

hi, wich of the 2 trinket would you say is better? Thanks


Phylactery, by far…


Wrong. CTS is by far superior. It is broken asf. Low cd high uptime. i believe its uptime is 33.34/33.33% since its cd is 45 and uptime 15 sec.


Why no wand mentioned in the BiS list? Should be Corpse-Impaling Spike HC, right?

Austin Insess

Which professions should i choose for a beginner mage player


Tailoring then Enchating

Azure Orc

Must be mentioned that Improved Scorch doesn’t stack with Improved Shadow Bolt of affli/demo warlocks and with Winter’s Chill of frost mages.
In other words, if you have a warlock (affli or demo) in the raid group or (suddenly) a frost mage, you should not use Scorch. If you do only 25ppl raids you can probably forget about that talent at all and spend those points anywhere else.


whats BiS wand?


Hi, Torment the Weak is indeed a great talent, but with which debuff does it work ? Are we in the obligation to cast a frostfire bolt before spamming with our fireballs to make it work ?


This is mainly a raid spec and in order for the TTW to take effect, you need a “slow” debuff on the target and any will do. Rogue’s poisons have slow effects and many other abilities from the raid have that so you won’t be needing to apply this effect yourself unless you are soloing some mob on your own. If that’s the case, I still prefer my PvP frost spec even if it takes longer to kill…


Ok, I was wandering about the slow effect, if it had to be on speed or attack speed but it seems that any of that will do it.. so great news, thank you !


i have a 4.4k gs and i do the rotation but i steel dont deal much dameg
what am i doing wrong?


4.4k gs is what you are doing wrong, you usually need WAY more better gear in order to make fire spec work, I’d suggest going arcane for a little bit longer.

marco ocampo

yep he need at least 45% crit rate to do fire spec


Id say just thinking about what you are actually doing helps instead of mindlessly reading guide. If you want to really play fire, gem crit and focus only on crit. Is it ideal? Big no by far but there is difference between enjoying what you play and forcing yourself to do “right thing”. Its the same thing on low levels. What you doing there is probably not ideal, but it might be right thing for you. I have 4.1k fire mage rn and hes doign 7k in ToC. Also dont blame everything on gear, due to slow cast fire mage has huge emphasis on positioning and active cast time.


7k? Aoe or single target?


just lucky for procs.

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