PVE Blood Death Knight Tank Guide WotLK 3.3.5a

Game: Wrath of the Lich King
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Welcome to the Blood Death Knight Tank guide for World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Blood Death Knight in a raid. The guide includes Talents, Glyphs, Gems, Enchantments, Add-ons, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

This is a core build for a Death Knight main tank. 4 talent points are left and I suggest to spend them for Dancing Rune Weapon and 3/3 Morbidity or get 3/3 Scent of Blood

Blood Death Knight Dps Talent Tree Wow 3.3.5a

Actually, Scent of Blood is needed minimum 1/3, rest you can spend somewhere else if you think it’s better.

Subversion is optional, you could take Rune Tap or Spell Deflection. But the Rune Tap heal isn’t that much, 1 healer will do the same with 1 direct healing spell easily and that spell reflect isn’t that much practical too.

Now Mark of Blood may seem like worth it, but it’s not. Bosses hit slow and hard, so it won’t be as useful as it could be.

Gems are situational and depend on the build and equipment. They are used to reach the required stat caps.

  • Hit – 8% with two-handed weapons
  • Expertise – 26
  • Defence – 540 (for raids)

Icy Touch

Plague StrikeHeart StrikeHeart StrikeHeart Strike

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This blood tank is pretty wrong imo, It should look more like this: https://wotlk.evowow.com/?talent#j0EMqIhIobobsoZhxhxVMhz:hipmMV

Spell Deflection is a pretty good boost of magic resist when it procs against breaths on Sindragosa and such.
Rune Tap generates a lot of hp and shouldnt be neglected at all
Scent of Blood is useless as a tank as you generate so much already from Icy Touch and Death Strikes
Subversion isnt needed, more of dk aggro is from icy touch
Should always have Icy Talons as a DK tank for 2 reasons.
1. You will not always have a frost dk and should provide icy talons to the raid as it is a MAJOR dps boost to melee
2. The path to Icy Talons boosts up your aggro generation from icy touch by a lot and gives you less aggro problems
as for Mark of Blood, yea it may seem useless until you actually think about the ways you can use it, an example would be Lich King Infest. The moment you put this on him, 20 people will be healed up when he finish casting Infest or right before soul reaper melee haste pops, you will generate a good amount of hp from mark of blood alone along with your death strikes


any reason in particular we don’t need might of the mograine?


I fail to see how I should use KM in this build when combined with Heart Strike, can you explain the rotation?


The title here is Blood DK Tank, not hybrid DK Tank ^^ So no, for a full Blood DK Tank, the talents are not wrong.
However, if they add a spec hybrid in the class guides, your talent tree is the one, with this exceptions :
Don’t take Killilng Machine, it does nothing with a hybrid tree, because the Icy Touch is used one time and the other technics are not available. To replace this 5 points, I suggest : Black Ice 5/5 and Runic Power Mastery 2/2. The last point can be spent anywhere (maybe Anticipation 1/5)
Also, Dark Conviction is not primordial for a Tank spec, you can put this 5 points in Bloodworms 3/3 and Improved Blood Presence 2/2 for a more efficient health regeneration if you want


OP is correct, this is quite a bad spec for DK tanks. Mark of Blood is indeed useful. Dancing Rune Weapon is 100% useless. Just because you go 40 points into Blood instead of 50 doesn’t mean it’s not a “Blood DK Tank” spec.

Glyph of Rune Strike should be replaced with Glyph of Dark Command to guarantee no misses on taunt.

Dova’s spec is pretty much 100% optimal. This is coming from buffed servers like Lordaeron and Sunwell, where bosses are harder to kill and there’s less room for error, meaning optimal specs are even more important.

Listen to Dova, not this guide.


You are wrong, Agarash. Imrpoved Icy Talons spec is far superior. “Not hybrid” by your logic it is hybrid as there’s 8 points in Frost tree. I assume it’s the creator of the website upvoting this and downvoting the others who are correct. This spec is terrible, just like most Gnarly trees/glyphs.


They are both wrong OPS from gnarly guide is way wrong but you want icy talons but this is the correct spec. Killed LK many times and it has never failed me.


Above Is dungeons. This is for raids:


me a noob Dk,(playing druid tank for years) why i would want killing machine playing blood?


You only need 1 of 3 blood worms if you go that route, but if you are raiding do not take blood worms it messes up target limits set on healers aoe healing abilities. Do not take Imp Blood Pressence at all it scales horribly and was known in 2010 as the most lackluster talent in the game.


how about the glyphs?


Glyphs Vamp, DS, and RS or Dark Command. Minor Horn of Winter.


Do you stay in Frost presence for this spec? Because one of the first talents you chose reduces threat generated by 24% in blood or unholy


you always tank in frost which only proves how dumb the guy who made this guide is….he didnt even go for improved death and decay. If he doesnt want that he could have resigned from unholy tree completely.


Hi, he takes Subversion for the 9% on Heart Strike, which represents more aggro generation on multi targets. The threat reduction does not concern is because yeah, we stay in frost presence.

Luna, I don’t know if you are the dumb one or if you didn’t see what was written “4 talents points are left, I suggest to spend them for Dancing Rune Weapon and 3/3 Morbidity”… So he basically takes improved DaD in this build (even if hybrid blood/frost tanking is better).


*9% crit


Not all bosses hit slow and Hard. Mark of blood is always worth it especially on LK. Why subversion? Those three points would be better in blade of armor. No Icy Talons? Also there is no AoE rotation, and what about Runestrike? Please do not play these talents This is close to a Blood DPS build. No agi Enchants on bracers wtf is this?

Alexandru Cristian Popu

u say runestrike glyph but theres no runestrikes in rotation or anywhere..so wtf


I’m sure someone dumb as Malphaz has never played as DK or even was in a raid with a good DK tank, like dude where TF is the improved icy talons?


please make AOE tank on frost !


how about aoe tanking?


I’ve been playing on Warmane for the past year. And for me, DaD-IT-PS-Pestilence works. Then keep dots up with Pestilence. Blood boil when you can. And heal yourself with DS.


the stats are correct, but I play the Tank DK and the way to way, like there standing is whrong

Better than you


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