PVE Frost Mage Guide TBC 2.4.3

Game: The Burning Crusade
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Welcome to the Frost Mage guide for World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade 2.4.3. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Frost Mage in dungeons and raids. The guide includes Talents, Gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

It is worth mentioning that Frost is widely considered a PVP-only spec, but it is useful in raids and specific encounters thanks to the ability kite. As your gear improves during your progression you may want to revise the build and make some changes, like swapping Elemental Precision for Arctic Reach. It is not advisable to go too deep into the Arcane tree, for talents like Arcane Meditation. In this case, you’re likely to sacrifice the crowd control talents.

Pve Frost Mage Talents (tbc 2.4.3)


Blue Gems are used to activate the Meta Gem. Use them to complete the best socket bonus, preferable +spell damage. The rest of the slots can be filled with Red Gems.

Enchanters can also benefit from Enchant Ring – Spellpower on both of the Rings.

As with every DPS class in a raid – Leatherworking gives your group the best bonus. Drums of Battle and Drums of War provide a noticeable DPS increase. This is the option for higher tier raiders.

Tailoring is great for gearing up your new mage. Look into crafting Spellfire and Spellstrike sets as they would be with you until T4-T5 items. This option is great for fresh level 70 mages looking to improve their gear asap.

You can pick up both Tailoring & Leatherworking while farming the required materials with an alt.

As mentioned in the Enchants section, Enchanting grants you a unique ring enchant – Enchant Ring – Spellpower. You can use it on BiS rings and then drop the profession while keeping the bonus. Other than that – the ability to do your armor & weapon enchants.

Frostbolt is the main damage spell and it also applies Winter’s Chill which has to be maintained during the fight. Use Ice Lance to refresh the Winter’s Chill duration on the target during movement phases. Fire Blast is another spell that can be used as an instant spell during movement phases. Water Elemental provides a good chunk of your overall DPS but has problems with staying alive. Time your Water Elemental while the target has Winter’s Chill stacked on it and there won’t be any AoE damage. Water Elemental gains buff from Bloodlust, but only if it was summoned before the spell was cast. Another tip is to use Cold Snap to summon an additional Water Elemental for increased DPS. The same rules apply – make sure there won’t be any AoE damage and the summon will serve the full duration.

Hit cap – 164 (with +3% from Elemental Precision) Spell Hit rating (to cap) > Spell Haste rating > Spell Damage > Spell Crit rating > Intellect

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