PVE Fire Mage Guide TBC 2.4.3

Game: The Burning Crusade
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Welcome to the Fire Mage guide for World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade 2.4.3. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Fire Mage in dungeons and raids. The guide includes Talents, Gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

Fire is the superior raiding spec for Mages because it delivers consistent damage, has a lot of flexibility and variations, synergy with other Mages and is useful in a variety of encounters.

Below we have the 0/44/3 Core Build for a Fire Mage. It has 14 unspent talent points and should be your starting point of tinkering with the build.

Pve Fire Mage Talents (tbc 2.4.3)


Next build is Fire combined with Ice spec. Icy Veins is the main reason we go into the Ice tree as it is a good addition to your DPS. Other talents are just fillers. We also have Blast Wave and Dragon’s Breath for additional AoE clear. The downside of this build is that it is mana hungry and will require some experience from the player not to go OOM too fast.

Pve Fire Mage Talents Icy Veins (tbc 2.4.3)


The final build is Fire combined with Arcane. This build has improved mana sustain Arcane Concentration at the cost of DPS – Icy Veins. Should be a good choice for players who are struggling to maintain Mana. Remember, going OOM is much worse than losing some DPS.

Pve Arcane Fire Mage Talents (tbc 2.4.3)


Blue Gems are used to activate the Meta Gem. Use them to complete the best socket bonus, preferable +spell damage. Rest of the slots can be filled with Red Gems.

Best options are listed first in the list. Enchanters can also benefit from Enchant Ring – Spellpower on both of the Rings.

As with every DPS class in a raid – Leatherworking gives your group the best bonus. Drums of Battle and Drums of War provide a noticeable DPS increase. This is the option for higher tier raiders.

Tailoring is great for gearing up your new mage. Look into crafting Spellfire and Spellstrike sets as they would be with you until T4-T5 items.

You can pick up both Tailoring & Leatherworking while farming the required materials with an alt.

Jewelcrafting would give you earlier access to epic gems, but you can unlock them without the profession later on. Note: epic gems bonus does not require the profession, so you can drop it after using the gems on BiS gear.

As mentioned in the Enchants section, Enchanting grants you a unique ring enchant – Enchant Ring – Spellpower. You can use it on BiS rings and then drop the profession while keeping the bonus. Other than that – the ability to do your armor & weapon enchants.

Normally, you should be using Molten Armor as it is the better choice for your DPS , granted that you don’t OOM mid-fight. If mana problems occur – use Mage Armor.

Maintain Improved Scorch on the target. All Fire mages in the raid should contribute to keeping this debuff on the target at all times. After applying the improved scorch debuff, start using Fireball. Usually, 5-8 Fireballs and 1 Scorch is your combination. Amount of Fireballs depends on movement & interruptions that you may experience.

Combining Bloodlust / Heroism with your other boosts is a good idea. Closer to the end of the fight you can combine the following: Molten Fury (passive), Combustion, Icy Veins, Trinkets.

This doesn’t mean that you are holding these boosts till the end of the fight. If a full cycle can be made before Bloodlust – use them. Careful with using boosts at the beginning of the fight, as the main tank usually needs some time to gain threat on the boss.

Hit cap – 164 (with +3% from Elemental Precision)
Spell Hit rating (to cap) > Spell Haste rating > Spell Damage > Spell Crit rating > Intellect

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why would you not spec into empowered fireball……

Not bruh

The 5/5 is there. The picture is just grey for some reason.


please can anyone explain me why we should skill blastwave and dragons breath?
i have never played tbc but want to play it .

nah son

any mage bringing dragons breath and blast wave is gettin gkicked


Don’t know mage so shut up.


Why? As a non tbc player I ask why blastwave and dragon breath are good from my point they are wastet talentpoints

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