PVE Beast Mastery Hunter Guide TBC 2.4.3

Game: The Burning Crusade
Content Type: Gaming Guides

Welcome to the Beast Mastery Hunter guide for World of Warcraft the Burning Crusade 2.4.3. In this guide, you will learn about playing a Beast Mastery Hunter in dungeons and raids. The guide includes Talents, Gems, Enchantments, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips.

Below build has a few talents that could be changed due to personal preference while remaining effective. We choose Efficiency because Marksmanship or Survival Hunters pick Improved Hunter’s Mark. You can change these talents depending on how many Hunters you have in the raid.

Tbc Pve Beast Mastery Hunter Talents

Enchanters can also benefit from Stats on both of the Rings

Leatherworking is a great option. Not only is it useful for your group with Drums of Battle & Drums of War, but you can also craft armor on almost every stage of your progression.

Engineering is another good option which provides Guns, Ammo, Scopes, and Goggles

Combining Engineering and Leatherworking is probably the best choice, assuming you have an alt or gold for the mats.

Gathering professions don’t work so well with Hunters due to their other tracking abilities.

Other options would be:

  • Jewelcrafting for easier access to better gems and some starter trinkets. A better choice if you want to make gold.
  • Alchemy to make the consumables and transmutes.
  • Enchanting to make armor enchants and unique ring enchant.

Maintain Hunter’s Mark on target. The rotation consists out of Steady Shot, auto-attacks and Kill Command with buffs like Rapid Fire and Bestial Wrath. Also, you can maintain a Scorpid Sting on the target (other are buffed by Marksmanship’s Improved Stings) Rotation can be managed by the following macro:

#showtooltip Steady Shot
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
/castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, Auto Shot
/castrandom [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear(); UIErrorsFrame:Show()

Hit (9%) – Agility – Attack Power – Crit – Intellect & MP/5 – Stamina

Best pets for raiding in terms of DPS are Cats, Ravagers, and Scorpids. Your pet will require the following skills:

  • Active: Bite, Claw, Gore, Scorpid Poison (depending on which pet you choose)
  • Passive: Avoidance, Cobra Reflexes, Great Stamina
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is race an important factor for hunter dps? I want to play blood elf for the silence and mana regen racials, but feel like I should play troll for the bow specialization


pve @ Horde Troll is the strongest race cause of their racial . As a Hunter you shouldn’t have much mana problems cause the moment you get low on mana you switch to your Viper aspect.


Orc is superior to troll, Blood Fury gives ranged AP in TBC and Orc Pets do 5% more dmg.


For Horde go Orc. For Alliance go Dranei or Nightelf. Orc have a mini trinket racial, pet damage, and look badass. Night elves can shadowmeld drink and Dranei have heroic presence which is 1% hit.

Chris Brown

We only take Aimed Shot in Marks tree just so we can get Mortal Shots I’m assuming? We don’t actually use Aimed Shot as part of BM rotation do we? Just wondering, never played a hunter really until Cataclysm lol


pick up aimed shot for high starting threat with misdirection which came in tbc, since threat managing is still a huge part of the game just like in vanilla

Chris Brown

Ok cool thanks


At a certain crit value Wind Serpents are the best Pets for raids since Ravagers can not dump their Focus fast enough which they gain from “Go for the Throat”.

Rasmus Inell

if they cant dump focus fast enough can we swap 2/2 focus regen and put somewhere else?

Rasmus Inell

if ravagers cant dump fast enough would it be worth it to put 2 points somewhere else instead of Bestial Discipline???


Also you can get a ravager early in Dranei starting zone if we get prepatch for TBC classic.


I recommend leveling a Orc Hunter now because most the player base will be Horde.

Mokgra, pro Hunter

“Gathering professions don’t work so well with Hunters due to their other tracking abilities”
The game will tell you that LW is good for hunters. Ok, in time leveling to 70 It’s quite useful. After that, not so much. The BOP gear is certainly not on par with your tiers.
Anyway, you are the master of soloing. You can ice trap, feign death, stun, etc. If you don’t mind being totally unable to do anything with your professions, pick up Mining and Herbalism. That and an Epic Flyer will get you all the money you’ll ever need as long as you know a JC who can prospect your ore. There are other good choices too if you want to make stuff, like JC, Ench (Stats to ring is win), or hell even Blacksmithing (Felsteel Longblade anyone?). But overall, hunters are gatherers. Do it.


This is not optimal.


I personally use wind serpent and all lions eye gems but that’s just me.


While leveling use cat and ravager. When geared go wind 🐍.


hi can u show complet macro

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