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Date: July 31, 2018

Delve into a Universe on the brink of terror from fear of the Zurloc invasion with Void Troopers: Sci-Fi Tapper, a tapping game where you shoot down alien spaceships, working your way through Boss battles and galaxies to restore order to the Universe. This mobile game takes the tapping-style of gaming and pushes you to tap even more.

Starting off in Prismodia, the general narrative is that you work your way through alien invasions alongside your companion Jeeves, following the Zurlocs as they fall back after each defeat to invade another planet.

Set up in portrait mode, the visual style resembles that of Space Invaders but with an added lore attached to it. The enemy control the top-half of the screen whilst your ships are centred on the bottom. Every time you tap on the screen, your main ship fires out blasters at a faster rate than the other ships.

Each galaxy comes with set levels, increasing as you progress. The more your ships you fight, the more gold you earn, and the more ships you can buy and upgrades you can get. Whilst money seems to build up by the millions when you play the game, you need to save as much money as you can. By thinking strategically, you need to plan your upgrades and your buys accordingly rather than to click buttons and see if that makes a difference.

Void Troopers is not like any other tapping game of its kind. The game moves at your own pace and you can make significant choices in your battles that throw you an extra life where other games would doom you to fail.

One of the main features that makes this possible is the opportunity to leave a major boss battle before you fail. In fact, you can’t die in this game. When you make that choice, your progress doesn’t reset and send you back to square one, but lets you play unlimited levels of standard battles in order to earn more money. What the game understands is that your failure to beat a boss is because all you need to do is to build up your money in order to make changes to your fleet.

Whilst this does make the gameplay easier when you know that you cannot die, this is a great feature that doesn’t make you feel that progressing is impossible. It makes you understand that upgrades on your ships will help you win. The only issue with the feature is that pressing the ‘leave’ button takes multiple tries, so plan your escape with the right time.

The importance of upgrades also comes across when you work your way through galaxies. As you upgrade your ships, the difficulty in the fights appears to increase slightly more than you can handle. In most cases, you’re constantly leaving a boss battle just to build yourself up over and over again. It seems that this is the way the developers want to project its replay value. However, a majority of the time, I didn’t find myself worrying about not playing the game in my free time.

The reason for this is that when the player exits the game, your fleet are still fighting. When you return to the game, you find that you’ve earned money whilst you were away. This does make the upgrade process a whole lot faster, but it doesn’t pressure me into playing the game just so I’m earning gold. Linking back to the choice of leaving a boss battle, these features makes Void Troopers comfortable to play, but doesn’t make it a challenge.

The most challenging and difficult choice of the game happens to be a feature that I had reluctance with for a long time. You have the choice, in some cases, of time-travel. If you do this, you return to Galaxy 1, you lose all of your gold and all of your fleet, all at the promise of unlocking more developed and high-tech features that can increase your DPS. However, when you put so much gold into upgrading your ships and progressing so far, the idea of returning to the beginning is off-putting.

If you return to the beginning, there should be some reward that you get for getting to a certain level. For instance, if you reached Galaxy 5 you should receive some award for returning back to the beginning to help yourself build up. When I did choose eventually to time-travel and go back to the beginning, there wasn’t an urge to keep playing, because it felt that everything had been for nothing.

Whilst it puts a damper on my impression of the game, Void Troopers is a great experience for those who are looking for a new mobile game to play. The overall look of the game makes this whole game stand out in its genre, with the vibrant graphics and colours. The way that the blasts from the ships all move to attack with different speeds makes your small screen light up with fluorescent colours.

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