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Date: August 15, 2019

Experience yet another Total war game in Total War: Three Kingdoms by The Creative Assembly developers. While other total war games try their best to bring you that historical feel, three kingdoms comes at us with some actual battleground events back in 190CE China. This will have you involved with each of the stories that follow through the campaign. With other total war games not being a full game right at release, and adding new battles and campaigns with DLC’s, three kingdoms already has hours of gameplay to offer with just three DLC’s out so far. Go back in time with the warlord dynasty of total war games in Three Kingdoms!

Total War: Three Kingdoms starts in 190CE Chine, while Han dynasty is on the brink of collapsing after warlords such as Dong Zhuo are taking over kingdom after kingdom to gain total war power over all the lands. To revolt against his and others actions, other warlords around the land take part to keep their land clear of being taken over. With warlords such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, & Zheng Jiang along with many others taking part of the historical feel that total war three kingdoms bring to the table, the player (you) will make your own path of history to change up the history of the past to what you want. Create history by forming your army and taking over China from the warlords that stand in your way.

With a similar type of gameplay between all the total war games in the past, total war three kingdoms don’t stand out much different from others. With the same kind of various units and formats to ensure your army is ready for battle, you’ll tell that three kingdoms have a good variety of units when it comes to developing your army with horsemen, archers, and foot soldiers to win each battle against other warlords and make China’s history grow around your actions.

With a little twist when it comes to the hero characters during battle being able to challenge each other during the harsh battles that are going on around them, that’s just another new option why three kingdoms stand out to ensure you aren’t just moving your units around like usual to win the battle. As you progress through the campaign and battles that total war three kingdoms have to offer, you’ll get hours of fun when it comes to winning over China your way.

With a huge background of amazing modelling for the in-game units and heroes, total war three kingdoms come in strong with the 190CE China mountain look during the campaign and battles. Being able to see the way the warlords controlled their kingdoms and interact with the cities during battles by burning down buildings and taking the flag to victory, that’s just a little thing that will have you looking around the war zone during the battle to ensure you get the full simulation of an RTS game.

The sound effects in total war three kingdoms don’t stand out more than any other total war game when it comes to the battles and swords clashing into each other. That said, the music in three kingdoms gives off a nice China tune while going through your campaign and during your battles to ensure the enemy hears your war cries.

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