Three Fourths Home Review

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Date: April 13, 2017

Many big video game titles engage us in their solid gameplay and storytelling. However, other games solely contain a solid story. Three Fourths Home, developed by Bracket Games, is a simple game with a large story fueling its life to the very end. Covering subjects like family issues, personal problems, and isolation, Three Fourths Home available for the PS4, PS Vita, xBox One and PC/Linux is an emotional and atmospheric experience that can be relatable or even influence our very own lives.

The story follows the emotionally isolated Kelly. Kelly has returned home to her family who houses her mother, father, and brother Ben. Having driven quite a distance to have some alone time she receives a phone call from her mother to return home.  As Kelly rides, she stays on the line to speak with her mom and the rest of the family. Family issues unfold and state that her father is on crutches because of surgery and Ben is mentally unstable. As the conversations are happening a storm begins to ensue with a tornado warning. An interesting aspect of the discussions is that they serve almost as a distraction from the storm that’s getting worse by the minute. Each character has their moment to shine through conversation, and they have depth because of the well-written dialogue. The player can relate to the story because the scenarios in the game have a very real-life emotional aspect that are emotional isolations and common family issues.

Three Fourths Home is a simple game with very uncomplicated gameplay. What shines throughout is the story. The only action done is holding a button (R2 on the Playstation 4) to accelerate the vehicle Kelly is driving and allow the story to keep moving forward.

Visually the game is as simple as it gets, but it is aesthetically pleasing in its presentation. The display is black and white throughout the game, and the only effect is that of rainfall and lightning as the storm picks.

Three Fourths Home Gameplay Screenshot

The quality of sound put into the presentation was good. As the story unfolded the effects of thunder and rainfall allowed to almost feel a bit of tension and concern for the main character, it made you wonder if she would make it out of the storm alive. There were bits of original songs sprinkled through the optional use of the car radio. These tracks added to the atmosphere of its presentation. These songs had a very ambient feel to the likes of artists Boards of Canada and Burial.

There is no replayability for Three Fourths Home. However, for a game like it is more of an experience than a high-octane video game. There are only three things worth going back to, and that is going through the epilogue, which gives necessary back-story of isolation, photos taken by Kelly and several short stories written by Ben.

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