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Date: September 28, 2019

Breaking the law, acting like you’re a witch and being sick are just some of the reasons one back in the old days would get executed. The Executioner sets you again in the medieval days as a young man taking over the family business. Developed by some new indie devs, The Executioner is a basic platformer game that has an interesting story behind it. The games’ release date was pushed forward so many times I didn’t think it was ever going to come out. But with their recent release on the 25th of SEP. The game came out of the gates with some rough patches.

Being an indie game, the developers over at Lesser Evil Games pushed The Executioner out on a full release, hoping not too many issues would arise. While the game may run fine, there are a few English spelling errors and maybe a few curves for the tutorial not teaching everything you need to know, but The Executioner is still an exciting game to keep an eye on for the price of 9.99 USD.

The game will start you off in the medieval times, in a small village that is controlled by a king who executes anyone that breaks the law or wrongs him. Your story starts when your father gets himself in a bit of a snag with his local executioner job. When this doesn’t seem to sit well with the king, an execution notice gets sent out for his head. Being the next executioner up for the job, you need to choose to kill your father and move on, having your father face a more brutal death by another executioner. My choice is to execute my father so that he can have a quick end, the road on my new town executioner job starts.

Not being the best job around when it comes to keeping your mindset, your job will now be to question and torture anyone that is up for hanging or beheading. The Executioner being around choices you make during your time as the executioner, it’s your job to figuring out who you’ll kill, and who you’ll let go to trial. Keeping your sanity high and making sure you don’t get killed when killing others family members, your story will go on until you’re the best executioner in all the land.

Being an indie platformer, The Executioner has some neat features that make it stand out to ensure you, the gamer, gets your monies worth. But also having a few things that make it stand out in a wrong way is another thing. The story for the game will bring you in enough to have you keep going. With no narrator in the game, you’ll be stuck with little to no sound while reading through a ton of dialogue that tries hard to bring the player in so you can choose if the person up for hanging or beheading is worth your sanity. While choices matter in the game, you need to ensure to read and keep calm while talking to each of your victims to make sure they’re the bad guy, and you’re aren’t executing someone for no reason.

Keeping your sanity is critical to ensure you keep your father’s company up and you choose your choices wisely so you don’t get killed by the angry people that might not like your preferences, but also keep the king happy what who you’re sending to the afterlife. Basic controls with point and clicking and move around the map to place to place after doing a days work, The Executioner may take a days to work to figure out there isn’t much there to let your sanity go away.

While the gameplay may seem a little simple to keep your interest for a while, the graphics in The Executioner have some nice hand-drawn sketches that will grab your eye straight from the start. The game wanting to give off a black/white vibe with the drawings, and a dark black and red theme for the world and text to give that medieval town look. The layout of the scenes are set around a lot of text with no speech, so with a lot of reading being the games main gameplay, there is enough in each of the torture scenes and exploring the down that gives this simple at the start indie game a little bit of life and extra sanity.

The Executioner not having a whole lot of sound when it comes to the story, the torture scenes will give you a little bit of fear while you’re questioning each of your next victims. But for me to recommend to not just listen to music while playing The Executioner, the developers over at Lesser Evil Games should look into getting a dull, hard voiced narrator for the game to make sure the gamer isn’t bored while playing. Since this game has some light there to make it stand out with its story but not having different characters reading it to you may seem a little lazy on both parts, but something that would make it easier for everyone.

The storyline for The Executioner stands out like stated earlier, with some high hand-drawn graphics and gameplay that will help it out for a while. The Replayability of The Executioner can is there since the chooses you make change the story around each time around. If that’s killing your father or not, that is just the beginning of a story of the life of an executioner. With new game modes in the horizon that will change the role of yourself and others of the medieval town around, the developers over at Lesser Evil Games are here with a few bug fixes and getting suggestions from their fellow gamers to help make The Executioner has a better backend when it comes to the story of the game.

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