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Date: December 16, 2019

Teamwork is critical when playing a horror stealth game such as The Blackout Club. Blackout club is a 1-4 player co-op horror game where you play as a group of teenagers that are trying to uncover the secrets on why all the adults in their town are asleep. The developers over at Question games made the game “The Magic Circle” back in 2015, where you must turn the darkness into color, with the game having some fantastic visuals. The blackout club is not different when it comes to visuals and the amount of detail that is in the game. You’ll want to play this first-person horror game with a team to ensure you have someone watching your back as a distraction, or going dark to ensure the evil isn’t lurking around the corner.

Being part of a club means you’re a team no matter what, even if an evil dark shadow is lurking around. In the blackout club, you’ll start in a small town where zombie-like adults are roaming the streets, asleep. Your main goal as a group is to find the underground lair where you’ll discover what secrets have been going on under your town. As a club, you want to save your captured team members and mess with the scientist’s experiments the best that you can to ensure the evil stops. While stealing around the town, you must try your best to avoid sleeping adults, so they don’t dramatically wake up from their sleep and strangle you. Try your best as a group to not be caught or seen by any sleepers and ensure to shut your eyes here and there to avoid the shadow.

Along with your mission to uncover the secrets of your home town, the blackout club group must protect themselves against the evil that is below. While the roaming sleepers may not seem to bad if you avoid them, you’ll understand fast that once they wake up, they’re swift and want to strange you. Teamwork will help when you’re searching around the homes in the neighborhood to find the underground lair, but remember that some homeowners maybe home. While stealthing around the town, you’ll be able to take down the sleepers to avoid being seen by the red light.

If you’re ready to avoid the red light during your task of finding the lair and saving or placing your objective, then you’re home free. But not all your missions will be accessible when it comes to being seen by the red light; you’ll need to go dark and look around for the shadow to ensure you’re one step ahead of him. After you’re done with your objective and taken down the sleepers that stood in your way, you and your club members will need to run back to the top of the town and get out before you blackout.

Just like in their first game release, the developers over at Question games have the visual art down in their games. The blackout club comes at us with a great balance between light and dark when roaming the town in search of your objective. While trying to avoid the red light to be seen, your main goal is to stealth, doing so with the light booby traps and sleepers all around, your eyes will be eye when watching and also looking out for the evil shadow. The overall make of the town(s) and the layouts of the lairs are designed to make some points difficult on how you’ll plan your entrance and escape.

The horror aspect of the blackout club can get intense while you’re stealthing around the underground lair, and also having to move fast to get back to the top and get out of town. The horror music that has an exciting build-up while stealthing will have your palms sweaty and may have your knees weak like spaghetti while listening for the evil that is right behind you.

While your main objective may seem simple once complete in the blackout club, the experience of the stealth and playing co-op with friends or other online club members is enough to finish the full roadmap that the club has setup for you. The game has a list of weapons and cosmetic items to dress your character up how you want them to look and with perks that will help you move forward in the game to give you a better experience. With a lot of options to-do with friends, the blackout club has some replayability even when you’re done with all the missions because you’ll be able to go back and replay the missions with your newly learned information to get through each task faster each time.

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