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Content Type: Gaming Reviews
Date: September 21, 2019

Going on road trips was always an adventure when I was a kid. The new indie game Summer Catchers developed by the developers over at FaceIT figured out a great way to give the gamer the feeling of traveling through a forest to get to your road trip destination at all costs. Summer Catchers is a fantastic looking side scroller indie game that will have you focused on any obstacle that comes in your way of getting to the other side of the forest. While traveling through the world of Summer Catchers, you’ll start to understand a story of life while you enjoy the immersive backgrounds of obstacles that will come your way through your travels. Get your traveling motor vehicle ready for a trip of a lifetime in the new indie side scroller, Summer Catchers.

You’ll start Summer Catchers as a young woman that stumbles upon a rumbled down mechanic shop run by a lonely wolf. You start up a quick conversation to get the wolf to help you fix up your go-kart, to promote the wolf asks for a few things in return. Once given a few quests to complete, your mission is now a series of tasks for a wolf to ensure you get to the end of the snowy forest.

The primary purpose in Summer Catchers will be doing simple tasks while avoiding obstacles and understanding the story of the beautiful snowy forest that will open up for you. Once done will all your quests and out of the snowy forest, your next mission(s) will come forth as you get to experience yet another forest and vast looking background terrain that will tell a story of life and travel through the winter, fall and summer seasons through your road trip travels through the summer.

Summer Catchers has some significant obstacles such as deadly spike traps you need to jump over, killer totem poles and high top hills that you’ll need to speed up to get over to ensure you get to the other side of the forest. Summer Catchers being a side scroller indie game will make sure you keep an eye on what is ahead of you while you travel through each of the seasons while going through different quests to get to your final season, summer.

The gameplay in summer catchers may seem simple, but when it comes to crazy killer monsters chasing you to the ends of the forest, you’ll understand the true meaning of acting fast for the obstacles that you’ll need to go through to ensure you go fast and save up your points to purchase the exact movements that you need to get through the forest. After a few crashes and moving fast enough to get to the end, Summer Catchers brings an eye-catching side scroller game to the table.

The background seasons that this side scroller indie game shows off is impressive for a pixel game. While going through each of the season’s forests, they’ll tell a story through different types of spirits and monuments around the forests. While not a whole lot of change comes about the road layout when going through the forests to finish your quests, the different creatures that come about during your journey through the woodlands will catch one’s eye. Being the type of game that you need to act fast with varying kinds of obstacles coming your way in a fast-paced, summer catchers gives off a great feeling when it comes to enjoying the repetitive gameplay.

As for the music and the audio side of things with summer catchers, it might seem a little simple when it comes to communicating with the forest creatures and other somewhat talking beings that you’ll need to communicate with for quests to get through the seasoned forests. The background music while going through the repetitive gameplay may seem a little simple but does keep you motivated when going through each of the obstacles.

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