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Content Type: Gaming Reviews
Date: August 25, 2019

Get back into some tremendous historical WW2 battles in Steel Division 2. A long-awaited sequel from the developers over at Eugen Systems with their older Steel Division: Normandy 44 game is a must-have when it comes to RTS games. Looking at some more of Eugen Systems past games such as their Wargame series. There is no doubt that this game company knows how to make a good RTS game. Coming back to present day with their latest release Steel Division 2, some aspects of the game may seem a little rushed and maybe even a little overlooked such as the AI and overall world look and feel. But in the end, it’s just another RTS game that will bring you some more features and units.

Going into battle in Steel Division 2, you’re set during the Operation Bagration, the massive Soviet offensive in the summer of 1944. While some tremendous historical battles may await you, steel division 2’s campaign will have a few new units and new historical battles placing you in WW2 once again. With a campaign with over 25 different maps to choose from so you can feel the full control of each battle just like you were in WW2. Steel Division 2 has some great historical battles to choose from if you’re into playing RTS games.

When it comes to playing the RTS game of Steel Division 2, you’ll experience some great historical battles, yes. But when it comes to the AI system during the campaign, you might come across a few issues with beating them. With their prediction system being a very AI sided system, the game might not seem that fair when it comes to playing through the campaign. With a right amount of units and different battles to choose from, the campaign might not be a great go-to because of the way the units move around and the reaction you’ll get from the already set AI units that will follow your every move.

That said, the multiplayer of steel division 2 will be the main course of this game because of the reactions you’ll face with your opponent and all of the different strategies that you’ll be able to do with the diverse terrain and units that will take place during each of your battles. Dropping in your units into multiplayer battles will be an experience that will make the $39.99 price tag for steel division 2 stand out a little, but with a few issues with singleplayer, you might want to wait for a sale.

During the historical battles in steel division 2, you might be interested in the 25 plus maps developed in the game. While the developers have done a great job in making each battle zone look like it should, the lack of unit interaction with the terrain will have you scratching your head. While this may seem like a simple thing when it comes to making up your strategy for the battle ahead of you, it’s the little things like this that stand out to tell you the amount of time the developers put into setting up the maps. That said, the graphics in steel division 2 are just like any other Eugen Systems games, but you might see a few issues when it comes to terrain.

Like in any RTS game, replayability is critical to ensure to keep the player involved in the game. The developers of steel division 2 do a great job when it comes to the multiplayer mode of the game. Like discussed with the single-player mode of the game, there are a few issues when it comes to interacting with the enemy AI and trying to have a balanced battle. That said, steel division 2 is still a great RTS game that is driven more towards gamers that want to play against others and not themselves against AI since that won’t end well at all.

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