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Date: May 28, 2018

Few gaming experiences have transcended the test of time. Going through three generations of consoles Shadow of the Colossus stands passes the test with its fantastic story, simple yet challenging game mechanics and stunning new graphics. This game will continue to stand tall long after the release of many mega-titles in the future to come.

We follow the journey of a lone young man known as Wander who enters a forbidden land that is sealed away for its unspeakable dangers. Riding into the forbidden with his trusted horse Agro, Wander is seen bringing in a woman with whom he wishes to bring back to life. To achieve this, a strange entity by the of Dormin instructs Wander to defeat all sixteen Colossi that traverse the forbidden land. Initially, little is told in regards to the story, which allows the game to develop into an epic tale gracefully at its own speed. The message shows the lengths an individual will go to for that someone they love, even if it costs them their life.

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The mechanics and play style of Shadow of the Colossus has stood the test of time. Riding your horse Agro across a beautiful landscape allows for astounding scenery right from the beginning and allows for some relief especially as the game only revolves around destroying colossi. Wander is only equipped with a sword that guides him to the next Colossus, and reveals the enemies weak points and a bow that brings in a clever twist in these boss fights.

At times, boss battles feel like puzzles because players will may need to use the environment to claim victory or figure out ways to manipulate the colossus’ movement. Every struggle is fresh, with its level design always leaving you guessing on how you will come out victorious. There were times, however, when having to climb a colossus and then being forced to wait for a specific movement to do damage to defeat it, led to frustration.

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Built from the ground up, players will able to marvel at the incredible art design. Character designs, colossi designs, and environmental design enhance the experience, and every detail is reinforced on the PS4 Pro. Shadow of the Colossus is indeed one of the best games that PS4 has to offer.

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An epic title like this one would be complete without its fantastic soundtrack. The music creates a sense of fear and hope while it still retains the feel of playing hymns from a metaphysical world. There are perfect queues of music that build tension during when players were on top of colossi. During cut scenes, the music soothes the ear conveying a love that leads an individual to do the unthinkable.Shadow of the Colossus Screenshot 4

Compared to the earlier version of the last game many little Easter eggs and other collectible items have been added to the game. Collecting all objects will lead to finding secrets for the main character such as weapons and even character alterations. A time attack feature is in the game which will add an extra challenge for those to wish to defeat the giants as fast as they can.

Shadow of the Colossus Screenshot 4

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