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Date: August 11, 2019

Experience a fast-paced shoot-em-up indie game with My Friend Pedro, an indie side scroller game coded, & designed by one developer from DeadToast Entertainment, Victor Agren. My Friend Pedro was initially made as a flash game back in 2014. Since then, the game has improved a bunch when it comes to gameplay and giving the user an experience that not a whole lot of fast-paced games have given us this year. While the game might be developed by one indie developer, it will hit you hard to find out that My Friend Pedro has some excellent character movement and graphics. Not putting alone the fantastic soundtrack that you’ll be listening to while you shoot your way through waves of enemies. My Friend Pedro is a side scroller indie that most speedrunner gamers will 100% enjoy with its fast-paced gameplay.

With a beginning to end story mode that might leave you wondering in your chair what you just accomplished after four to five hours of gaming, My Friend Pedro has a story mode at the very least to keep it from just being a fast-paced shooter like any other. With a beginning with just regular jumper guy meeting a friendly banana and jumping right into the action right after that. You’ll go through stage by stage encountering different enemies and obstacles during your journey to the end, fighting off about four bosses through the full storyline. While four bosses might not seem like a lot, My Friend Pedro ensures that puzzle-solving enthusiasts enjoy the game as well.

With its fast-paced gameplay playing a massive role in the game, you’ll have to get to know your surroundings quickly to ensure you don’t get caught behind enemy lines. The storyline of My Friend Pedro might not bring you in-depth with all the characters but is enough to help the gamer understand what is going on.

A fast-paced game is always a go-to if you are in the mood for excellent gameplay experience. My Friend Pedro doesn’t come short with that. With a variety of weapons to choose from during your playthrough, you’ll encounter a handful of different enemies, including street fighter, knights, robots, and old people. Being a fast-paced game, you’ll also need to learn how to read the level fast before it is too late. With lasers and bullets in all different directions, you will die a few times, but dying will only make you stronger.

Going up against regular gun fighting enemies, to robot balls that shoot lasers to ensure you don’t pass by, My Friend Pedro doesn’t have any break time during your playthroughs. With a fun way to end each stage, with the game allowing you to tweet, download, or upload your coolest action-packed moment straight to the web, that’s just another reason that makes the gameplay in My Friend Pedro stand out a little bit more from other fast-paced shooters.

With a shootout type of vibe in mind, My Friend Pedro doesn’t come short when it comes to blood and gore after eliminating your enemy from where they stand. While there might not be a whole lot of difference in design with the different type of enemies looking the same, you won’t have time to notice anyways. Keeping in mind that one independent developer designed this indie game, you’ll ensure to take in each of the map stages and how they’re different from one another.

That said about the look of the game, the rocky dubstep vibe that the music soundtrack in this game will have you not wanting to stop during your fast-paced gaming to ensure you finish and prevent any enemy from where they stand. Turn up the BASS and enjoy the way the music will encourage your playthrough style while playing My Friend Pedro.

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