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Date: July 18, 2019

Have you ever wanted to cause total construction while racing? Now you can in Rainbow Studios new racing game, Monster Jam Steel Titans. A third-person monster truck driven racing game where you will run around other AI-driven monster trucks to win it all! While Monster Jam Steel Titans may not be the first release for Rainbow Studios. It’s a release that racing gamers are looking towards if you’re into finishing matches in style. With some great movement controls giving the game a good first view to hopefully many updates to come, Monster Jam will provide you with the right amount of gameplay to look forward too.

With a pack full of story mode and pieces of training to go through in Monster Jam Steel Titans, finding the main storyline to this game might be a little different. While Monster Jam Steel Titans might be a singleplayer game, the career system that you’ll be able to race through pretty fast will have you wanting more. When you think about monster trucks, you think of destruction and mayhem while watching trucks move around fast. Monster Jam might not give you all that you want when it comes to a consistent story. With back to back races and not much to learn from just doing jumps and trying to get in the first place, there isn’t much of a storyline in the end game.

Having fun in any racing game is the key to keep you rolling around. Monster Jam Steel Titans gives off just the right amount racing gameplay to keep you interested for a little while. While there might not be a lot of destruction going on, the playthrough during your monster truck driving career will have you wanting a little more when it comes to just the pure racing around with other trucks. At least giving the options for a local multiplayer or co-op would be nice to enjoy this game with others. While just going through course by course may seem fun to some, the game has a good list of training courses and races to go through to get somewhat of your monies worth.

With just a few bugs taking their course while running around the fields, like flipping if you run into some of the hard terrain, or just basic going off the path for a split second and getting in last place. Monster Jam Steel Titans will give you an experience that most single-player racing games will.

When it comes to gameplay, Monster Jam Steel Titans will have you playing for awhile. But keeping you playing will mean you’ll need to stand for the graphics and sound effects in the game while the looks of Monster Jam are excellent when it comes to interacting with the terrain and checking out other monster trucks. The world placement doesn’t stand out as much as one would hope. With some essential roundabout racing tracks having you and your AI truck party doing some sharp turns and little jumps, that is just about it when it comes to mapping placement.

With sound being in the same category, you’ll find that the environment doesn’t seem to give off too much while driving around. Basic engine sounds and your truck hitting some sick jumps will be just about it when it comes to the player’s side of things. The game has a few fun things when you do certain tricks that make the crowd like you more, but in the end, there isn’t a whole lot there to point out Monster Jam from others.

While replayability plays a big part in the gaming world, Monster Jam Steel Titans will give you a certain amount of gameplay that will have you wanting a little bit more when it comes to being more than a racing game. With single-player being the only option at this time, let us hope that the game developers over at Rainbow Studios think of a way to let gamers play with each other since the AI doesn’t give off too much when it comes to wanting to win more than you. And with a price tag of USD 29.99 on Steam, Monster Jam will need to give a little more to win over a crowd of dedicated racing gamers.

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