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Date: June 8, 2018

Might & Magic Elemental Guardians is a fast-paced strategy RPG game available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. Developed by Ubisoft Barcelona. Collect the various elemental guardians, train them up and taken on the powerful forces of evil. It sounds fairly familiar, but does Might & Magic Elemental Guardians bring anything special to the table? Read our full review here.

The game starts you off in a tutorial type way. You’re given your first creature, and a basic run through of the game. Each level is broken up into a number of stages. Each stage has three rounds where you and your team of creatures faces off against an enemy team. The final round of the stage has a boss creature that is slightly tougher then the other creatures of the stage. If you get to the final round of the region than be prepared to fight a half-screen sized creature of epic proportions. Just warning you.

To beat the stage all you have to do is reduce all the enemy creatures to zero health. The number of stars awarded for the stage depends on if you lose any in the fight. Each creature has three attacks. A basic attack that is available each round, and two other skills that are more powerful but these often have cool downs of 3-5 turns. You need to learn which skills are best to use in any given situation.

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The other element (pun intended) that you need to get used to, is that each creature is attuned to a certain element, this means they will deal more damage to and receive less damage from one element and the reverse to a different element. Fire creatures deal more damage to Earth creatures, who deal more damage to air creatures, that deal more damage to water creatures who will deal more damage to fire creatures. This is why looking ahead to discover who your enemies are in each stage is important for the perfect team composition. If the enemy team is mostly fire creatures then going up against them with an all Air team would be ludicrous.

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The more battles you take part in, the stronger both yourself and your creatures become. Levelling up your creatures increases all of their statistics by a certain amount. Level up your creatures enough and you can fully upgrade them and watch them change into even more powerful creatures. There are also Glyphs, that you can attach to your creatures that increase one statistic.

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That’s the basic premise of the battle part of the game, you fight through the stages and level up your creatures to be able to take on even tougher stages with even harder enemies.

The other main part of the game is the collectable nature of the creatures. In fairness, there are loads of creatures to collect, hundreds in fact, spread over the four different elements. You can also find various gems and treasure chest that can unlock rare and powerful artefacts and creatures to aid you.

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It’s only fair to say that although this game is free-to-play there is a strong element of in-app purchases. You only have a certain amount of energy for battles, and once this is done you have to either buy more energy or wait until your energy refreshes. So, there’s no real restriction in that all the game is playable for free, but there’s a time-limit on your playtime. Unfortunately, that’s fairly common now on mobile games.

There’s also a nice augmented reality part of the game, where you can take snapshots of your favourite creatures in the real-world or watch PVP battles taking place in front of your eyes. Sure, it’s not really a game-changer but is a nice-to-have, and worth taking a look at.

Outside of the actual gameplay elements of Might & Magic Elemental Guardians, it looks nice. The graphical style and animation are done really well, as you’d expect from a Ubisoft Studio, and the sound and music set the stage nicely for all the gameplay.

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The difficulty is set reasonably well. If you set up your team poorly, or rush through without taking the time to upgrade your creatures, then Might & Magic Elemental Guardians punishes you accordingly. At the early stages you’ll plough through the stages with relatively little difficulty but as the game progresses you are challenged a little more. Though as you proceed, it’s more likely you’ll run out of energy than patience.

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Will you keep playing Might & Magic Elemental Guardians over and over again. It honestly depends on how much of a completist-collector you are. The gameplay might start wearing a little thin after months, but they do put time and effort into various in-game events and challenges which can increase the longevity of the game.

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