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Date: January 23, 2020

Titan Comics has published a graphic novel prequel to popular videogame MediEvil available from numerous online retailers and high street book stores. Does the MediEvil graphic novel prequel capture the imagination to the same quality as the MediEvil videogames?

The 20th anniversary of the original MediEvil action adventure videogame sees the release of a prequel graphic novel. The first MediEvil was released for PS1 on October 9th 1998 followed by a sequel titled MediEvil 2 on PS1 in April 2000 that actually went onto win the Best Console Game category at the BAFTA Awards in 2000. Meanwhile, MediEvil: Resurrection provided a re-imagining of the first MediEvil with changes to the story, environments and improved graphics that released in September 2005 as a PSP launch title, although the original creators of MediEvil 1 and 2 had no involvement in MediEvil: Resurrection on PSP or MediEvil when it received the remake treatment on PS4 when it released at around the time of the graphic novel prequel.

MediEvil graphic novel’s story is based on ideas by the two main visionaries of the first two MediEvil videogames named Chris Sorrell and Jason Wilson, while it is written by Chris Sorrell with art by Jason Wilson. Chris Sorrell has been a passionate gamer and game developer even before he was a teenager, while Chris developed the James Pond games on Amiga and 16 bit consoles. A few years later; Chris created a game design pitch titled Dead Man Dan that became MediEvil with Chris Sorrell as game director and one of the programmers on the small development team of the original MediEvil. Meanwhile, Jason Wilson began as an artist via drawing safety comics for the National Coal Board in Yorkshire before finding his way to the independent videogame development scene in the late 1980s. Jason Wilson created original game concepts, alongside studying and porting established arcade games by such developers as SEGA to almost every home computer platform released around that time. Jason Wilson went onto join Chris Sorrell; where their working relationship became a powerhouse of creativity on MediEvil and its sequel. In his post-Cambridge Studio career; Jason went onto showcase the qualities of his storytelling by writing and drawing comic books under the author name of Jay Gunn including the eco-horror thriller titled Surface Tension.

For anyone that is not entirely familiar with every MediEvil character; a feature titled An Introduction to MediEvil covers each of the half a dozen main characters over the course of two pages. The MediEvil graphic novel is an official prequel story set before the time of the original MediEvil. MediEvil utilises a time travelling mechanic in order for Sir Daniel Fortesque to find his younger self when he was referred to as Captain Fortesque and fight for the people of where he was born in Gallowmere against an un-dead army.

The quality of writing is excellent as the graphic novel encapsulates the storytelling techniques, character mannerisms, dialogue and humour in direct comparison to both of the original MediEvil games, while cleverly taking the story in a new direction; that will undoubtedly bring a smile to the faces of MediEvil fans.

MediEvil’s graphic novel presentation is as authentic as fans of MediEvil and its sequel from the brilliant front cover as Sir Daniel Fortesque is holding Captain Fortesque in his arms as an un-dead horde approach, while Sir Daniel Fortesque fights the un-dead horde on the back cover artwork, alongside an intriguing synopsis of the story. Jason Wilson’s art compliments Chris Sorrell’s writing to an incredible quality that MediEvil fans will genuinely enjoy from the hardback front cover to the back cover and everything in between.

MediEvil’s value originates from MediEvil and Cambridge Studio fans wanting to see something new to continue or extend the MediEvil story from the creative talents of MediEvil 1 and 2. Meanwhile, there are numerous additional features including an introduction to MediEvil, a covers art gallery, three lobby cards presented on a single page styled in a reminiscent fashion to Mars Attacks cards, Captain Fortesque concept art and creator bios within the 48 pages.

Fans of the MediEvil graphic novel should also look at Jason Wilson’s eco-horror thriller graphic novel titled Surface Tension that was published by Titan Comics in 2016.

• Title: MediEvil Graphic Novel
• Writer: Chris Sorrell
• Art: Jason Wilson
• Publisher: Titan Comics
• Length: 48 pages
• Cover: Hardback

The MediEvil graphic novel can be purchased in the UK from Amazon and Forbidden Planet and digitally at ComiXology, while the MediEvil graphic novel can be purchased in America and Canada from Amazon and digitally at ComiXology. You can also find Titan Comics’ official website including a back catalogue of captivating comics and graphic novels and product details regarding the MediEvil graphic novel.

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