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Date: July 15, 2016

The Lego games series is renowned for its ability to take a well-known story or world and give it that upbeat and lighthearted feel to it; and this time it’s no different. Travellers Tales (TT) are back with Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it doesn’t waste time throwing you straight into the world with all the love that a Lego game can give, and then some.

The game’s story is pretty straight forward as it follows the same narrative as the film, with a slight twist. The first “Chapter” of the game (the Prologue) gives the player a chance to catch up on past events, just to make sure they are up to date with what happened at the end of Episode VI. The player has to fight through the Battle of Endor once more; and this in turn acts as a tutorial area for the game. Once this is completed, the player is taken 30 years into the future where we meet Po Dameron; Rebel pilot and smooth talker. He is given his assignment to collect data about Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts from Jakku. From here, the story is as it is within the film, but, of course, not without its wonderful Lego humour.

As with most Lego games, the game play is pretty easy to grasp, more so if you are playing on a console or have access to a controller. Even though this game is available on both console and PC platforms, it is very clearly tailored to those who understand the logistics of a controller. Regardless, the game play is easy to pick-up, even if this is your first time playing a Lego game.

Although there are a lot of similarities amongst all of the other Lego games, this latest addition to the Star Wars series has added some new features to it. Most prominent of these is the new ‘Shooting Gallery’ section that occurs within certain chapters and levels of the game. This allows for whichever character you are using to duck behind a wall and aim at the oncoming enemies. There is a sort of medal system which means that, if you do well within the shooting gallery, you win a medal based on your performance. This is a nice little touch to an otherwise rather repetitive game play style.

You will find that most other aspects of the game remain true to that of the other series. There are special puzzles that only certain characters can perform. For example, in the first Chapter, you are required to utilise both Po and BB-8 in order to solve the puzzles that will enable the continuation of the plot.

Most of the game play revolves around the player finding all the collectables. These include characters to unlock, Red Bricks (which are useful for gaining for collectables) Gold Bricks and the infamous Studs. All of this accumulates to a well-rounded game with hours of play time to explore and collect to your heart’s content.

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The gang embark on their adventure

Graphically, the Lego games have never pushed the boat out too far. Certainly, it has to be said, that the graphics are very fitting to their genre. It would not be fair to compare this game to something like Fallout 4 , for example. However, for this latest addition to the Lego series, they have definitely taken it to a different level. Comparatively, there is little change in the actual style of graphics. It is more the detail and the lighting that there are significant differences. Objects have a more defined feel to them, especially with the background graphics. These are the sort of graphics others may take for granted. They may be overlooked, but they certainly add to the atmosphere of the overall game.

The sound for this game is as iconic as it comes as it utilises the Star Wars soundtrack. This game really feels like it belongs in the universe because of the music. The voice acting within this game is also quite exceptional. Although it is known that the creators take sound clips for most of the voices, the principle actors from the film also came in to do additional voice acting for the game. Personally, this makes the game feel more complete and well-rounded.

There is not much to be said for the replayability of this game. For those who enjoy the series, perhaps they would return to it at a later date. Guaranteed that players will want to complete the game with all the collectables. However, for most players, it is a one-shot sort of deal.

Once again, TT have taken an interesting story and given it a whole new life. Certainly, this game will entertain those of all ages for many hours. Although it does not offer much in the way of replayability, it is by no means a boring game. The brilliant humour mixed with the well-known story is what makes this game. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Lego or Star Wars or both.

    • Storyline – 85%
    • Gameplay – 75%
    • Graphics – 70%
    • Sound – 85%
    • Replayability – 60%
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