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Content Type: Gaming Reviews
Date: June 2, 2019

HyperParasite is a top-down point and shootem up indie game developed by Troglobytes Games. While Troglobytes Games may be new to the party, they bring us a great looking top-down shooter that strives to deliver the gamer an exciting arcade-style game that will bring you in to try your best not to die by the many enemies that will come your way. Being an indie game, HyperParasite gives off a great vibe when it comes to development and the amount of action that you’ll get for only USD 10.99 on steam. While the game might become challenging to understand at times, HyperParasite is a must try if you’re into arcade-style shooters.

While HyperParasite might throw you around after each death, you’ll get to know the abilities and stories of each of the characters you become. After becoming a cop, or even a side street basketball kid, you’ll have the ability to become a blob of death and destroy anything in your path. While the story of HyperParasite may be thin at the start, you’ll learn all the abilities quickly and after many deaths each of the stories of the characters you’re playing as. Being the destructive organism, you’ll become, your one job during the story of HyperParasite is to be the enemy that everyone is scared to encounter.

Keeping fast-paced gameplay in mind, HyperParasite gives the gamer just the right amount of point and click power that one could ask for during a game. Being able to eat your foes and become what they once were is just the start to take over all of the downtown. Having different abilities after each death, becoming a new person and soon becoming the blob of death, is an excellent start to this indie game.

Having a right amount of room to move around, you might find yourself in the beginning reking havoc on anything that may come your way seeing that you’re a blob that can turn into anything you want and also shoot farther than any of your foes. During your game time though, you’ll find out that HyperParasite has some great stories throughout the game and also some excellent abilities like moving around faster and being able to take out more than one enemy at a time.

Keeping the look alive in any indie game can be tough. But the developers over at Troglobytes Games got it right with HyperParasite. Being not just the colorful scenes that you’ll experience during each of the new sections of levels, but also the overall movement of each of the characters and the abilities your blob of death will show is an outstanding amount of in-depth development for an indie game. Looks being the main thing you’ll be excited about, the sound effects for HyperParasite might not live up the the graphic standards.

Being a fast-paced shooter, one would hope to see some great soundtracks that will want the user to feel as though they’re moving fast with the character they’re playing as. HyperParasite doesn’t give that full feeling when it comes to the music or shooting. But it all comes together while you’re destroying everything in your path and being the make havoc causing organism.

Replayability is the main thing for any indie developer looks for while they’re making a game and keeping the player interested enough to keep playing. HyperParasite gives you just the right amount of gameplay and a good amount of levels to go through to come back for more. And with HyperParasite being an early access title, the developers over at Troglobytes Games show some promise when it comes to making sure HyperParasite is kept clean and gets some new stuff if needed. But at this time, HyperParasite has enough there to make replayability an option if you’re feeling a top-down shooter with a great arcade look at feel.

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