Far cry 3

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Date: April 11, 2018

Far Cry 3 is an Open world First person game. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Published by Ubisoft. Originally released towards the back-end of 2012 for PC, Xbox, PS3 and soon to released on XBOX One, One X and PS4 on May 29 for Season Pass holders or June 26if you have not yet picked up the season pass.

You play as Jason Brody who is on Vacation with his family and friends to Bangkok and decide to go skydiving. Whilst skydiving you land on an Island that is inhabited by Pirates and you get kidnapped by the Villain called Vass. Vass is a crazy guy who runs the Island and likes nothing more than to kill people.

You wake up in a cage and get out and the fun begins. When you are set free from your mini-prison you have a massive open world to explore and Pirates to eliminate. To unlock more of the Island you have various places called Outposts which you need to take down in order to unlock more of the map and they then become fast Travel locations. There are other ways to get around as well like driving but my favourite has to be the Hang Glider not only is it a cool way to travel, the view is breath-taking.

far cry 3 screenshot
Screenshot from Far Cry Wiki

To survive you need to craft syringes for health, to do you have to to go foraging for different herbs to mix together:

  • A= Amber Leaf (Yellow)
  • B= Blue Leaf
  • C= Crimson (Red)
  • G= Green Leaf
  • W=White leaf
  • 1xG = Restores 2 bars of Health
  • 2xG, 1xB = Restores Health to Max & adds an extra 4 Health bars that don’t regenerate

You can craft other syringes to help you out in Combat, Hunting & Exploration like:

  • 2xC, 1xA = Combat = Sharpshooter – Increased Accuracy
  • 2xB, = Exploration = Sprint Burst – Increased Sprint and Swimming speed
  • 2xA, 5xC = Hunting = Deadly Hunter – Damages against animals is increased

If you fancy a break from the main story line you can do various this like Hunting wild animals for bait, skinning them to upgrade your inventory space ect, go swimming but watch out for the sharks they will eat you. Go to Bulletin boards for various side Quests, and Multiplayer. Unfortunately there is no Co-op in the campaign mode but what is available is teaming up with a friend in offline co-op via spit screen or online. There are a total of 4 Characters to choose from: Callum, Trisha, Leonard, Mikhall

There are 6 Co-op missions to complete: Ready or Not, Sidetracked, Overhyped, Lights Out, Rush Hour, and Payback

far cry 3 shark
Screenshot from Far Cry Wiki

Multiplayer mode has 4 different game modes TDM, DOMINATION, FIRESTORM, TRANSMITION, whilst playing these various game modes you earn XP to level up your character, unlock new weapons, attachments. In my Opinion I played a lot of it and didn’t like it, be that due to the poor connection issues but to be honest Far Cry 3 isn’t about the Multiplayer its about the Amazing Campaign.

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