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Date: June 23, 2019

Become the best Rocky boxer around in Boxing Champs! A top-down beat-em-up indie game that will have you wanted to train your fingers to take out your foe at all costs. With minimum skill being low in this game, boxing champs will have you fighting off world champions to get to the top of the leaderboard in Singleplayer mode, or even Multiplayer and Local Multiplayer modes. While the devs over at Raz Games might be new to the party of indie games, they’re on the right track with this top-down indie.

Boxing games not being a new genre to the indie game with some VR boxing games coming out, boxing champs will give you that top-down feeling that others don’t have. While the game might not have a storyline, you’ll still find yourself being able to go on a path to success to defeat all the boxing foes in your way to greatness. So in a sense, boxing champs will have you making your storyline like you’re new to the boxing world like rocky. You’ll go through a handful of boxers and swing like you’re getting paid for it. While the game might not have the longest gameplay time, being able to make your path to your “Career” is the first step to win it all!

Fighting off rounds of other fighters will have you wanted to ensure you have more to do in an indie game like boxing champs. During your playtime, you’ll find yourself running around to ensure your career as boxing doesn’t end with you getting pinned. The main storyline of this game might end pretty fast, only have about four champion boxers to play as, but you’ll still get a right amount of gameplay out of it to ensure you did all you could to make it to the top.

The controls in this game can seem a little weird at first if you’re on a PC. But after switching to a controlling to see if anything would change, I was answered pretty fast once I knew movement was just a built-in slow game mechanic. Boxing champs will still give you that amount of gameplay though that will have you wanting to beat every other fighter to ensure you leave them not wanting more. Cause, in the end, the game might not have that much to show once done.

When it comes to graphics in a game like this, boxing champs will give you a handful of options when it comes to their create your boxer system. Being able to develop your character and might your way to the top is fun because you get to see your guy each round. While making your character might just be the only highlight of the graphics, being that the background of each match looks the same and doesn’t give you anything else other than your opponent to fight and little facial expressions that will become repetitive once you make an uppercut move over and over again.

Sound effects are playing the same roll in boxing champs, being a repetitive part of the game and not giving to much when it comes to punching your opponent and not getting anything new if you make the same move over and over again. Being a fighting game, you would hope you could get some motivational music that will want you to fight your opponent at all cost, but boxing champs doesn’t give that to you all the way. While the music might be there to ensure you’re not just playing a basic beat-em-up indie game, it still won’t give you too much motivation to keep going after you win it all.

After all of your fights, and making it to the top of the leaderboard of your champions, replayability now comes to play. Will you want to keep playing this game after you beat all the AI opponents and win it all? Probably not. With a price tag of $14.99 being high for an indie game like this, the only thing that will keep you going would be the Multiplayer mode coming soon at the time of this review. But even that in place, if there isn’t a whole lot of gamers playing the game because of the high price tag, then you’re stuck at Singleplayer again with next to none replayability. I’m not saying don’t buy the game, because the gameplay and fun are there, but the price tag and the lack of motivation to keep going after beating each opponent is what stops me at the ropes.

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