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Date: February 24, 2017

While the indie horror genre has struggled as of late, I still find myself browsing through it. Occasionally, I do find a little gem and this is one of those times. Bendy and the Ink Machine is a puzzle horror game that makes you feel uneasy at the best of times. This game set for a few Chapters by the looks of things. However, as we have already been blessed with chapter one by the developer, theMeatly, I couldn’t wait to let you guys know about it.


You play the part of an ex-animator. After you left your studio, your old partner and you parted ways. Now, many years later, you hear from him again. He wants you to return to the old studio. But, what you find there is disturbing indeed. What seems like an ordinary abandoned studio soon turns into a nightmare. But, what you definitely should not do is turn on that machine.

I think because this story is being told over a few chapters, I need to see more before I make my judgement. However, it is already enticing. I am excited to see how it develops. Chapter one has given us some tantalising stuff already. Something has gone terribly wrong with the creations these men have made but what is going to happen next? I am excited to find out.

I don’t much mind the gameplay style. Being a puzzle game, you need to solve a couple of puzzle initially. As this is quite a short game, there isn’t much to it and the puzzle are pretty straight forward. It is still enjoyable though, I like that you don’t have to think too much. It will be good to see some different features in future chapters but we shall have to wait and see.

I don’t normally like judging indie games based on their graphics. But, I had to mention them here because I personally, I think they are fantastic. It uses the drawn cartoon style that you would expect from an animators studio. It very much has a “Steamboat Willy” vibe to it, harking back to the old days of Disney. But, it definitely adds to the creepiness. Especially with the character Bendy. He may spend most of the game as a cardboard cut-out but that doesn’t make him any less disturbing. I was very impressed that they managed to make the graphics add to the horror. It is difficult to pull off but it certainly works here.

I am not going to make my verdict for Bendy and the Ink Machine until I have seen how the other chapters play out but, so far, I am intrigued. The overall feel of this first chapter is creepy and enticing, and I like that. It’s how I think most indie horrors should be. This isn’t another key hunt or walking simulator, it actually has a lot of potential. I recommend you go and check this one out.

You can find Bendy and the Ink Machine for free on GameJolt and Ichio.

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