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Date: December 7, 2015

A few days ago, I was contacted by Psycho Robot Studios an indie game development studio asking little old for my opinion on Beep Boop Bot. Firstly, this is great because I love hearing the sound of my own virtual voice and secondly, I respect any company who goes out of their way to develop their game based on the feedback and suggestions of others.

But before we get into all of that, the story. Beep Boop Bot is the story of a lone and out of date robot bravely defending the space station’s crew from an onslaught of up-to-date robots. Beep Boop Bot or BBB starts off with very basic weaponry, but with the help of temporary boosts drop by defeated robots, he can go on to defeat the big bad end of level robots. Get through a level and you can permanently upgrade your robot for the next level. Think of it like WALL-E turning Borg.

All you need to do is control BBB, and destroy any attacking robots before they destroy you. Simple, or at least it sounds so, but when it seems like every robot and it’s cyborg grandmother is attacking you, it’s not so easy. Thankfully, you have plenty of lives which you’ll definitely need.

Beep Boop Bot Level 2 Screenshot GameplayThe game itself reminds me of Gauntlet, for anyone too young to remember Gauntlet; it was a classic and extremely addicted arcade game from about twenty-five years ago. Gauntlet was simple in its design but many people dropped huge amounts of cash into it, because it was just so difficult to put down. I was pleasantly surprised that Beep Boop Bot was just as addictive. I didn’t really expect it, but after deciding I’d played it enough, there were just too many robots attacking me to put it down properly, I had to keep playing.

Beep Boop Bot Level 3 Boss Fight Game aside, although is certainly enjoyable is not what I am most impressed with. With all the feedback received from Greenlight and their Facebook they’ve gathered all the ideas and thoughts, and have implemented loads of them, and are looking at implementing even more. Everything from changes to graphics, menus, storyline, sound and gameplay has been changed according to player feedback.

Clearly, one of the main advantages of an Indie Development is that they can easily listen to the ideas of fans. Bigger software companies have red tape and bureaucracy to cut though, shareholders to think of and franchises to roll out.

So if you want to find out more about Beep Boop Bot and Psycho Robot Studios you can from a whole crap-load of methods below.

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