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Date: December 22, 2019

Gathering supplies as fast as you can during a bombing in your town would be stressful enough, so could you do it in 60 Seconds?! The developers over at Robot Gentleman made a game back in 2015 called 60 Seconds! The game consists of the first act giving you 60 seconds to gather your family and supplies around the house to take with you into your fallout shelter before the bombs drop. After a successful few years of the first 60 seconds game, the developers decided to take it to the next level in 2018, and make a space survival game called 60 Parsecs! Now in today’s day in age, the developers decided to remaster 60 seconds to add new mechanics such as; achievements, a new game mode, and new ways to survive the games end by going through the storyline. If you like point and click storyline games that choices matter, a lot, to survive then 60 Seconds! Reatomized is the game to check out.

Once you’re able to gather all the supplies you need in 60 seconds to survive in your fallout shelter with your family, you’re then ready to start your survival skills of being the primary of survival for all. Where choices matter, you must pick and choose when your family gets to eat and drink, and who gets to go back above to check for supplies. While in your fallout shelter with your family, you and your wife and two kids must try to stay calm to keep a good mental state and be ready for whatever comes to your door.

Being the post-apocalyptic world now, there will be raiders trying to get what you have, so your primary mission will be to carefully read what people want and say when they come to your shelter to talk to you and your family. If you’re able to survive the day in and day out world underground, then you’ll be ready to go outside when it’s time. By staying alive and scavenging supplies and making friends, you’ll be able to one day make it back into the real world.

60 Seconds has a hand full of game modes to choose from before you start your morning of survival during the apocalypse. The first few being basic, you have 60 seconds to gather supplies and get into your shelter to survive, to a more subtle mode where you’ll start in your fallout shelter with your family members with randomly given supplies to survive. This mode grabbed my attention quickly because I liked the challenge of not knowing what I’ll have during my survival. With the reatomized version of 60 seconds bringing a few new survival challenges when it comes to the story of your days underground, you’ll see new skills that you’ll need to master to one day leave your shelter with whatever family members you may have left.

With the primary source of gameplay being to keep your family members alive, you’ll need to keep your food and water for as long as you can until your notebook states your family member’s life depends on food or water, this will be key for making your supplies last. You’ll meet the good, the bad, and the evil during your survival and will understand what trading does help from time to time. Ensuring you read the wording and recognizing names on the people and creatures that come to your shelter’s door, will be the key to one day leaving the shelter with whatever supplies and family you have left.

Being a simple point and click game, 60 seconds does have some small details that stand out while running through your home during the 60 seconds. Being able to roam around the house in every room and interact with most objects is fun because of the detail the developers put into that part of the game that you may not spend a lot of time in. Once you’re in your fallout shelter, the rooms may not change too much, but once the days go on, people get sick, and you may choose a few options that might break something overnight that will make the atmosphere of the room change. Choices like this are essential for a game like this to ensure the gamer is involved and that they learn from their mistakes.

Being the 60 seconds reatomized version, the visual art and sound effects have been deeply redone to give a new face to the game. With new items to give your shelter a fresh look and stay up-to-date with the modern apocalyptic style, you and your family won’t haft to worry about your shelter not looking spectacular.

After playing a few rounds of each game mode, I found myself enjoying the survival gamemode where I’m put straight into the fallout shelter with my family with random supplies to survive. I like the randomness to it, and it mixes up the story a little bit more because of the items you now have to trade and give to survive during your story. With just about five to six game modes to choose from, you’re able to get the full experience of 60 seconds with about 1 hour of gameplay into each of the gamemodes.

The 2015 version of 60 seconds was an exciting playthrough too. Still, after playing the remastered version of the game, I can now say the developers over at Robot Gentleman know what they’re doing to ensure their players are interested enough in the game to do more than one run. With more to come from these developers, too, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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