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Date: May 17, 2017

We all know that one of the dominant sports franchises is NBA 2K. It has a major following leading it to release a new installment every single year. The mechanics of such games are very polished and take time to master. However, what about players who want to play something simple yet fun? 3 on 3 Freestyle is just that, holding great competitive multiplayer, variety in characters and gameplay that is easy to master, it holds up very well for a title so small.

3 on 3 is a spin-off of the Freestyle Street Basketball franchise. The series is not known for a story, but 3 on 3 offers a little more. There are multiple characters to choose. Each character has a little small bio that lets one know a little something about the player they pick.

For example, I prefer Cindy as my main character to play as, and she happens to be from Westchester, New York who “fancies herself a city girl and does her best to project a tough exterior, and a flippant, too-cool-for-school attitude.” Having a background for each character is something to appreciate but not marvel. The game suffers a bit from not having a story, but that is not the point of a game like this.

3 on 3 is a basketball game with fast rhythm that grabs the players attention. It is quick and getting to know the controls is very easy. There is no real tutorial, but the controls are simple enough not to have one. A unique part of the game is that each character has specific skills. A player may be a great shot and can dribble the ball efficiently but another character can be great at defense and can pass the ball much faster. Having set skill provides diversity and helps you to decide which character fits your play style.

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Playing as a team is the 3 on 3 Freestyle motto. The only option available is to play in a team of three, hence the name. Picking the right character is important in succeeding a match for you may need a good shot for yourself and a great passer. A great thing about all the players in the game is that you can level up their moves; you can improve current moves and unlock new moves specific to a character.

3 on 3 Freestyle is an online-only game, so you will always be playing with another real player or either a friend. Playing matches is fun and easy, it is quick in tempo, and gameplay is very entertaining which, leaves room for competitiveness.

3 on 3 Freestyle gets its power from the Unreal Engine 4, which allows for a cell-shaded style containing vivid colors that are nice to enjoy. The cell-shaded graphics give the game and characters an individual charm of happiness and glow. The players are simple in design but nonetheless look unique. The animations during gameplay are fantastic, and there’s not a single hiccup. It flows all the way smoothly from character movements to the shot of the ball.

Unfortunately, there is only one court to play in and real potential is lost using an engine like this. There is a rain effect that only serves as good aesthetic but has no real purpose.3 on 3 Freestyle Screenshot 1

The sound design of the game is very authentic to the sounds of an outdoor basketball game. Sound effects of the ball, shoes, and the backboard give me memories of my middle school years in the court. The sound is spot on with every single movement of gameplay.

An issue of the game is the lack of music tracks. I was only able to listen to two tracks during the main menu. It looks like that you can purchase new tracks in the in-game store but it is unclear if these new tracks are active. I will say that the two tracks heard do fit the atmosphere of the game, so that is excellent.

A reason to replay 3 on 3 Freestyle is to get back to the competition. As a player, you can enhance your skills as well as the characters skills. The more and more you play as your favorite character the more they will level up, and you can also get points to customize your player. It is always a good time to get back into the court and have a few fun matches.


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