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Date: July 1, 2012

zombies logo moonbite games fps sign symbolImagine if you will a world where the only chance you had to survive against the hordes of zombies was drinking large amounts of beer. There is actually something in beer that can protect you against the zombie curse. Imagine being forced into having to choose between being sober or being dead. It doesn’t sound that bad really does it?  This world is the world of Zombeer the game, a weirdly-comic zombie first person shooter.

There’s not much information about it, but there are a few trailers flying around. One video shows a cheerleader being hit with a fish and another showing a zombie bunnygirl dancing provocatively, these trailers are interesting to say the least and do at least give an indication of the type of game Zombeer the game is going to be.

The press release and trailers are below, and please visit their official site and Facebook page as well as following them on Twitter for updates and tasty flesh-eating info.




A Beer A Day Keeps The Zombies Away In The Horror Comedy Shooter Zombeer, Zombies & Beers

Moonbite, a European studio of games and animation based in Spain, is delighted to introduce its crazy new game Zombeer, Zombies & Beers®. Developed on a multiplatform engine in partnership with Padaone Games, Zombeer® is a first-person-survival-horror-comedy-shooter (FPSHCS) aimed at being released on PC, Mac and even such top-end platforms as the Playstation3® by the end of the year.

In a dark and near future, a mysterious plague is once again turning the world’s population into zombies. The main character named “K” awakens alone in a Mexican bar, after a night of “overindulging”. All alone, dizzy and disoriented, he realizes that this hangover doesn’t quite feel like ones he is used to. Indeed, he has been bitten by one of those nasty monsters and the virus inside him is gaining power. “K” will unintentionally discover that drinking beer is the only way to prevent it from taking over! But drink in moderation or you’ll totally lose control and be in trouble!

“Thanks to our creative team and our background in animation, we’ve designed Zombeer as a horror comedy full of action and beer, which is perfectly true to our tastes,” declared Carlos Fernandez, CEO of Moonbite. “Our team is very passionate about pop culture so the game proudly features many references to movies, comic books and games that we like. We have said that if Zombeer had a fragrance, it would be a mix between Las Vegas and a Tijuana dive bar. We can’t wait to unveil it and feed our fans with more videos and images of crazy and naughty zombies until the game releases!”

Full of action, humor and zombiness, Zombeer® will rock the world of survival-horror (mature) enthusiasts at the end of the year on PC, Mac and HD consoles!

About Moonbite Games:
Moonbite Games & Animation is an European company. The headquarters are located in Santiago de Compostela and there are also branches in Madrid and Barcelona. Moonbite’s team has double experience producing multiplatform videogames (Playstation3, Wii, Xbox360, iPad/iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.), and 3D animation for feature films.

zombeer zombie game cheer leader

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