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Date: September 20, 2019

The rib-tickling action RPG developed by Spanish developers Infinigon, Zenith is now available to buy on the Nintendo Switch, from the Nintendo eShop. Zenith has already been released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, and now it’s the turn of the Switch, expertly ported by Badland Games.

Argus WIndell, is the playable character of Zenith, a game that takes the classic mechanics from roleplaying games, and injects them with a near-overdose of humor. The world of Zenith is rife with parody, filled as it is with tenor singing spiders, haughty elves, dumb-ass heroes and golem’s with issues, all these plus a handful of pop-culture references as well.

Argus is a sorcerer, although aparantly he prefers the term arcanologist. Bored with having to clean up the mess left by other magicians and inept paladins, he decides he is going to settle down and leave all that behind. However, fate has other things in store, and he is soon embroiled in a new adventure; possible the biggest adventure of his life.

Zenith Features

  • Play as Argus, with his powerful magic, he’s more than just a scholar.
  • Leave your sword at home, and learn a varied range of spells. Choose your favourite element or try to learn from them all.
  • Magical locks each with intriguing puzzle-based keys.
  • Customise Argus from head to toe. Kit yourself out in the gear that your Argus would want to wear.

Zenith is now available to buy from the Nintendo eShop, if you fancy something a little more physical, you’ll have to wait for the physical and Collectors Editions. More news on those, when we have it.

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