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Content Type: Gaming News
Date: July 4, 2019

There are very few games out there that can match the level of gore and sheer brutality that MK11 has to offer. From Baraka tearing off your face, opening up your skull and eating your brain, to Johnny Cage beheading you and throwing your head towards the camera. Each and every fatality and brutality in this game is jaw-dropping and gruesome.

With all of this tearing of limbs and smashing of skulls comes blood. Pints and pints of blood. Animations show a lot of blood. Mainly during fatalities and brutalities gallons of blood fill your screen as you get ripped apart or hopefully when you rip your opponent apart. This blood gushing fiesta is what makes MK11 stand out from the rest of the fighting games out there but its getting very hard for people to make a living from this game on YouTube.

Why you ask? Well here’s how it is. YouTube has a system in place that scans everyone’s videos and makes sure its in the rules and regulations. One of those scans are to scan for excess levels of blood and gore. That is where the MK11 youtubers are facing the problem.

MK11 being how it is there’s gore very often in a round ranging for both fatalities and Brutalities of you and your opponent, Not just that but intros and outros are a problem as well since they sometimes have severed heads and tears limbs too, that’s what MK is all about after all right?

Due to the excess blood and gore YouTubers were and are finding their videos flagged and demonetized. Some have been edition vetoes to make it more YouTube friendly such as changing the hue of the gory scenes so that YouTube doesn’t realize its blood, cutting out the scenes all together and some have just stopped making MK11 content altogether.

The nasty kills and gore makes MK what it is. If you have to hide them then no one will watch the content on this game. Hopefully YouTube will tweak its policy on games such as these because MK11 is a big game, highly successful and not to mention very entertain not just to play but to watch too. Here’s hoping YouTubers can get back to making MK11 content soon.

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