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Date: May 16, 2019

We have so many Zombie games in the market today that you would think that more zombie games would make you sick. But surprisingly World War Z did the opposite.

I have been playing this game everyday with a buddy and it’s just downright fun. I personally have not felt a shred of boredom as I played the campaign and multiplayer every single day and have had some very good laughs. This game is good for the soul.

World War Z can be called the modern day Left for Dead because it scratches that itch very nicely and given that almost every STEAM fan is waiting for a Left for Dead that has no signs of being in development, this is a very welcome game for those fans, even though it’s an Epic Games exclusive on PC.

This game had its engine remade from the ground up to support the hundreds of zombies on screen at once and adds that fluid movement to the herd. It almost seems like a liquid of zombies when they all rush at you or you see them making a pyramid to climb walls just like they do in the movie the games universe is based off of, the World War Z movie starring Brad Pit. It’s fresh and new and looks nothing less than amazing.

Visuals are incredible with beautiful environments with good contrast and bright colours. The art direction is gorgeous, one time I died and some zombies stood very close to my camera and the detail on them surprised me.

The game was such a big hit, the studio made a roadmap with new skins, maps and weapons coming in the next few months with regular updates and World War Z deserves it.

For those that were very disappointed at probably never having a Left for Dead 3, consider your prayers answered even though it’s only on STEAM.

This is a zombie game that was expected to be a light wind but ended up being a hurricane of flesh eating zombies that make pyramids to climb walls and they look very good doing it.

World War Z is out on PC, PS4 and Xbox.

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