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Date: July 13, 2019

Developed by Spanish Indie Studio, Bonfire of Souls as part of the Playstation Talents Program, Wizards Tourney is a fast and wacky multi-player party-game for any age, available now from the European Playstation store for around a tenner.

Wizards Tourney is a local multi-player game for up to four people, where wizards come together from all over the world to compete against each other in 7 different stages, that will put your wizardry skills to the test. So, choose your favourite magic-wielder (each one with their own setting and play style) and show-down against your friends or AI opponents. You are going to have to be at your best if you’re going to win the trials, but don’t feel you have to play straight. Sabotaging and hampering your opponents, is a perfectly fine tactic

Developed in the Málaga PlayStation Talents Games Camp by indie studio A Bonfire of Souls, the game was chosen last year in the annual call of the PlayStation Talents support programme. Its goal is to find and boost local talent in the Spanish booming development sector. As of today, the company has 6 business accelerators in Spain.

If you want to give Wizards Tourney a go, you can purchase this from the PS4 store here, or from their Steam Page here, if you’re a PC Steam user.

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