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Date: August 13, 2019

In this article I’m going a little personal and letting you guys know why I love the hell out of Nintendo. For this little story I have to go way back to my childhood when my parents surprised me with the Nintendo 64 and a copy of Pokemon Stadium on my 7th birthday.

That was my introduction to Nintendo. Shortly afterwards, my parents bought me the Gameboy Color with Pokemon Red but that’s a story for another day.

I played the Nintendo 64 every single day. I was a kid so all I had was school and a whole load of free time. Pokemon Stadium was something I played… a lot… everyday… for hours.

But I did not play any game more than the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time on my N64. That is the game I have played the most in my life. I played it so much that even the, then dreaded water temple is memorized in my head.

Back in the day, when the internet was super new and hardly had any existence you had to play games and solve puzzles on your own. There was no “let me search on Google” . Of course you had your Nintendo Power magazine to go to, but most people didn’t.

And that is when my love of The Legend of Zelda bloomed. To this day there is no other series I love and adore the most than The Legend of Zelda. That’s one of the reasons why Nintendo has a soft spot in my heart.

Now let’s forget the fact that I’m a Nintendo fanboy here, and look at their games from afar. It’s hard to explain but Nintendo games have heart in them. Every time I play a Nintendo exclusive such as Zelda, Smash Bros or any Mario game you can feel that the people involved has poured their heart into making them. It’s not all about money here, and that’s what I feel when I play Nintendo games. Something I don’t feel when I play games on my PS4.

And not to mention the sheer innovation Nintendo always strives for. Nintendo is one of the most creative companies out there who are always researching and trying to find innovative ideas to play which resulted in devices such as the Switch or the Labo VR.

Of course, gaming is subjective just like art, this was my view on my favorite game and yes this article turned out more personal than I thought it would be but I’m a gamer just like all of you and its kind of nice to connect on that level now and then. Happy gaming guys.

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