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Date: August 7, 2018

Good news for everyone already fighting the mad emperor Ayziz, in the Steam Early Access turn-based combat game with RPG elements Warriors: Rise to Glory. The developers, Gavra Games have released their latest patch 0.44, that tweaks the game and squishes more pesky bugs.


Included in the Warriors: Rise to Glory patch 0.44 are the following changes.

  • Gamepad support has now been included, so you can play even more comfortably sitting on the couch.
  • A load of new weapons and equipment have been added: Spiked Shield, Dark Elf Shield, Roman Shield, Samurai Shield, and Peasant Shield.
  • A third-tier level of skills has been added that allow you to customize your warrior even more. The list includes the following: Baffling Performer, Battle Rush!, Charmer Continuous Assault!, On Guard!, Rapid Shooter, Charging Rhino, Spiked Defense, Take It Easy Man, Vampiric Strikes and Wounded Beast.
  • Many improvements and bug fixes

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If you’re not already playing then now might be a good chance to jump in and play it for yourself.

The mad Emperor Ayziz has used his evil powers to kidnap the greatest warriors across the various timelines in the multiverse, and convincing them that if they fight her for him they will get back home. You were once a great warrior chieftain, but after getting sucked through a portal and ending up butt-naked and rather irritated at your captor, you swear that you will get your revenge, and you will get home.

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The current version of the game on Steam EA at the moment is the core gameplay, which mostly involves combat, levelling gear and silly jokes). Though there is going to be plenty more to come in the 8 months that Gavra Games expect it to be in Early Access. There’ll be constant updates and new features will be added including new bosses, weapons and armours, multiplayer modes and a deeper single player campaign.

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Key Features

  • Fight intense turn-based battles in spectacular arena
  • Think fast: some battles are time-limited!
  • Decide the fate of your defeated opponents and earn rewards based on your decision
  • Fight crazy bosses with unique powers that will test your tactical skill
  • Gain experience and level up your warrior with new combat skills
  • Fight, die, try again: Warriors feature permadeath, but your heirs will inherit some of your traits
  • Loot cool weapons, legendary armours and hilarious honorific titles
  • Customize your warrior until he is as handsome as you.
  • Fight your friends in a competitive local multiplayer mode

Stay tuned to theZombieChimp.com for more information on Warriors! Rise to Glory, or head over to the official website.

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