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Date: November 13, 2019

Warframe has yet another significant update in the form of The Old Blood, which is available right now for PC players with the console version coming sometime in the future. The first of the new added changes is a nemesis-like system or the Kuva Lich nemesis system, in which you get your own personal adversary who will pursue you relentlessly wherever you go until they are taken down. The next obvious added change would be the second wave of melee combat improvements Digital Extremes have been working on, including an overhaul to the combo system, and the newly added Warframe Grendel. There will also be reworks to long-time frames Ember and Vauban.

The Kuva Lich nemesis system is however the main focus of this update. The Kuva Lich is a more refined version of Digital Extremes’ previously teased Kingpin system, which was introduced in 2016. Inspired by the Shadow of Mordor nemesis system, it presents the player with a new nemesis that evolves over time. Players who’ve reached the War Within quest will be able to start the process of gaining said nemesis. First the Tenno must kill a kuva larvaling in any grineer mission of level 20 or higher. This will then bring about a Kuva Lich who’ll want revenge on the murder you’ve committed.

Be warned though, as your newly gained nemesis can only be defeated by acquiring special Requiem Mods to be used on the new parazon tool. To know the correct mods to use, players will need to visit infected nodes on the star chart and kill Lich Thralls for clues. With the tools acquired, the next time they appear you will be prepared. Once they are finally defeated, players have the option to either convert the lich thereby making it an ally in combat, or killing it for good, ending its immortality and gaining its’ kuva weapon. There are different weapons with different stats to be gained with each lich.

Digital Extremes promises to continue updating and expanding the new Kuva Lich system with factions and clans included eventually as well. Those who are interested should read the patch notes as it includes all information on the update as well as further information on the nemesis system.

The Old Blood is available now on PC, and will be available on consoles “in the near future” according to Digital Extremes.

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