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Date: July 12, 2017

Space Ninjas Hit the Open Road

‘It’s basically a completely different game’, is a claim that gets thrown around a lot these days, in a world of early access and season passes. But few games can genuinely back up that claim quite like Digital Extremes free to play, third person shooter Warframe.

Since launching back in early 2013, Warframe has receive updates from new game modes, weapons and Warframes to new cutscenes, characters, events, pvp mode, spaceships, space combat, dogs (well kinda dogs/wolves) and a whole host of stuff I probably have no idea about and all that’s considering I haven’t logged in in months. Now Digital Extremes is taking the idea of reinventing their shooter one step further, with the latest expansion Plains of Eidolin, turning Warframe into an open world third person shooter.

Revealed along an extensive 17 minute demo, Plains of Eidolin is a full open world experience, tooting towns filled with npc’s, side quests, roaming mobs of enemies and even a fishing mini game. (no open world is complete without fishing)

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The demo which is linked below, shows an impressively cinematic opening in which the player arrives on the planet of Eidolin.

Going into the seaside town of Cetus, you see the game has adopted a social space element similar to the tower in Destiny, with weapon vendors, quest givers and many players peacocking those ever impressive Warframes.

The plains of Eidolin expansion is set to launch late this year, as a free update for all players and looks to drastically change the Warframe experience. I know I am debating a third re-download of the ever-changing third person shooter, but what are your thoughts? Will open world be good for a welcome edition to Warframe or should the shooter stick to linear design? Either way it’s hard to deny Digital Extremes truly impressive level of support for the game. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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