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Date: September 15, 2019

Russian indie studio, Glyph Worlds is packing in the players with their new RTS game, War Selection. Developed with their proprietary Glyph engine, up to 62 players will all be playing online and battling with various civilizations, from Stone Age settlements, all the way through to the Industrial era. War Selection is heading to Steam Early Access on October 8th.

As you saw, the trailer for War Selection Above, shows you the major elements of base-building and management, clearly with some strong inspiration from the early real=time strategies of the ‘90’s. As your civilisation discovers and researches improvements across the ages, the struggle to secure your peoples future will get that little bit easier, but beware of enemies who’ve improved more than yours.

You start off as simple Stone Age dwellers, but as you play the game you choose the path of your civilisation by advancing through the era. Each era has its own technological advancements, advancing through the iron age confers different benefits than that of going through as a European empire. It’s these choices that allow you to be the empire you want to be, and also provides a myriad of routes to victory depending on your playstyle.

With both single and multiplayer modes adding variety to the game, and up to 62 possible opponents, where the battle royale mode will really come in to its own, as the smaller and weaker empires are knocked out, you must constantly strive to not be the weakness.

War Selection was created in Glyph World’s own Glyph Engine, which was developed with MOBA features in mind, in order to support large amount active objects as well as concurrent players.

“We can’t wait for players to get their hands on our game come October. We are huge fans of RTS games and we set out to make the kind of game we love to play ourselves. I hope that players will pick up on that energy we put into the game; our passion for the RTS genre.” says Roman Budkeev, CEO of Glyph Worlds.

Key Features

  • Over 100 buildings and 200 units across the ages
  • Choose a culture as you advance through the ages. As you wend your way through history. Start in the Stone age and as your civilization ages, choose to specialize in European / Asian cultures and gain access to their unique tech, buildings and units.
  • Over 62 players playing in one match leads to large-scale dynamic strategies
  • Play in a variety of modes, that put you against other players, in free-for-all fights, team games or massive battle royales

War Selection is due to hit Steam Early Access for PC on October 8th. Visit the official War Selection Steam page for more information.

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