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Date: October 28, 2016

With Halloween upon us, we all take the time to try to add spookiness and horror into our lives. A person who may never do anything of the sort will make an effort come October and those who love skeletons, bats, vampires and everything else will be having a ball. Many will dress up, have a party, and it’s common most people will watch some sort of horror movie or TV show. Of course, if you’re gamer you may be looking for something extra creepy to a play and you will be spoiled for choice, so here’s some more games worth looking at this Halloween.

The best part of Halloween gaming is the sales and so you will always be able to find some great offers on horror or supernatural games. If you’re looking at what Capcom offers, you could spend a bundle on the PS Store sale. The Resident Evil series is the king of the horror genre and you can play through a huge assortment this October. From the early installments that rely heavily on survival to later additions that increase the action. With spin-offs also available it could be hard to choose but you can’t go wrong with Resident Evil 4 and discover why it’s considered one of the best games of all times. If you are looking for some more over-top horror, then the Devil May Cry series is right for you. All five games are available on PS3 and PS4, with the Devil May Cry HD Collection, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition and DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition.

Halloween Horror Game Resident Evil 4 Logo

Konami also offer many horror themed games and while Silent Hills may never be released, the existing series can certainly keep you busy this Halloween. There are many games to select from, going from the original in 1999 to 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour. These are perfect for the more cerebral horror fan and focus much more on survival than action.

If you want to try some classic horror then the Castlevania series is for you. Symphony of the Night is a great starting point for anyone wanting to venture in Dracula’s castle and fight a legion of villains including Frankenstein’s Monster, Beelzebub, Death and of course, Dracula himself. There are many secrets to discover, items to unlock and a huge map that could keep you busy well past Halloween.

If you want something a bit different for you Halloween games then here are plenty of things you can look at. Halloweenies and Immortal Romance are two of the online slots offered by Betway and you can try these slots before getting Betway’s app and discover more games. The Walking Dead games by Telltale are another alternative option that lets you experience and guide a story set in the TV show’s universe as you and your group try to survive zombies and each other.

The Walking Dead Danny Die Death Pitchfork

Until Dawn puts you in the world of a horror movie as you control a group of people who deal with supernatural occurrences, with the highlight of this game being any number of the characters can die, giving you multiple endings and a challenge if you try to save them all. If you want full on action horror, then Mortal Kombat XL features blood and gore, with appearances for big horror movie names such as Predator, Alien and Jason Voorhees.

These are just a highlight of what you could play this Halloween and what you could be scared by for long after the 31st October.

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