Utomik Hits 600 Games Gaming Subscription Service

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Date: September 4, 2017

We live in an age where subscription services are everywhere. You no longer have to go out and buy every film you want to watch separately; you can simply subscribe to services such as Amazon Prime or Netflix and for a monthly fee, can watch some or all the films from their catalogue. Well, Utomik, one of the more successful game subscription services now has over 600 games you can play all under one roof and for one subscription fee.

To put in some sort of context for you, this is an industry record.  Utomik is the first gaming subscription service with 600 games. We’re talking about some pretty A list development studios here. Games from studios such as Disney, SEGA, Deep Silver and Telltale (Famous for bringing you the Walking Dead series) plus 60 or so others all have games available to download and play through Utomik for the low subscription price of around $5.99.

“We are proud to set this industry record. This is just the beginning though. We have many exciting announcements lined up for the coming months!” – Doki Tops, CEO Utomik.

They’re not resting on their laurels either with more and more games being added every week, I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re creating even more industry records. Maybe, Utomik will be the first service to have 1000 games.

During my browsing through, I found The Walking Dead, Borderlands, Star Wars: Force Unleashed all there for me to play. There were also so many intriguing and unique games that I’d never seen before, all there waiting for me to try them. In short, even if you only like one genre of games, there’s bound to be something to capture your interest. There are blockbuster classics, retro gems and fresh indie games all waiting for you.

Utomik Screenshot 1

How does this work then? Well, once you have created your account (Which you get 14 days free by the way) you download the Utomik software. Then once logged on to this you can download and play any of the games that take your fancy. It goes without saying, that if you do not keep up your subscription you’ll no longer have access to the games.

What, I’m basically saying is, there’s no good reason to not head over there to the official Utomik site, sign up for the free trial and see just what’s on offer. Access to all those games for only five dollars a month, you really can’t complain.

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