Prince Of Persia The Dagger Of Time

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Date: February 18, 2020

Ubisoft has just revealed the latest in their series of VR Escape Room games and it is set firmly in the Prince of Persia universe.  For fans of the Prince of Persia series hoping for the next installment of the iconic classic, there might be some good news…and there might be some bad news.

While the game is firmly set in the Prince of Persia universe, it is also completely unlike any of the series titles before it.  Instead of relying on the titular prince’s acrobatic expertise and skill with a sword, players will instead have to cooperate with and rely on at least one other coop player to achieve goals and solve puzzles.

The story takes place in the Sands of Time era of the trilogy of the same name and revolves around the players being summoned to summoned to the Fortress of Time by The Empress of Time to stop an evil Magi from causing havok with his army of summoned sand monsters. The Empress gives the Dagger of Time to the players in order to help them reach the Hourglass Chamber.  They must then use the Dagger to thwart the Magi.

Dagger Of Time

Ubisoft seems to have leaned heavily into the sub genre of VR Escape Rooms, with the previous titles of Escape from the Lost Pyramid and Medusa’s Gate.  These titles, as their names might suggest, are also set in the Prince of Persia universe.

Escape From The Lost Pyramid

Another double edged sword of this genre/series combo is that the games will not be available for home retail, at least not at first.  Those wishing to give The Dagger of Time a try will have to take a little quest of their own and seek out one of the 300 VR locations around the globe that have the game available to play in the Spring of 2020

Vr Escape Room Games

While this might seem slightly inconvenient to some contemporary gamers, this one finds it deeply satisfying, as it harkens to an age when games were new, and one had to go out to an arcade and spend one’s own money to even attempt to play a newer game.

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