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Date: April 24, 2018

You remember Turmoil, right? That bizarre fun little game where you mined for oil to make lots and lots of money. Well, now they have a new DLC out that you can play right now! Adding a brand new town and area of play plus lots more stuff, there’s plenty to do in the new Turmoil: The Heat Is On. Check out the trailer below.

The great thing about the vanilla game was how easy it was to pick up. You could start playing and learn the mechanics fairly quickly. The real skill came into knowing which character you should play. As you may remember, each character gave you different bonuses when starting a game. The goal: to make more money than your competitors. Sounds simple enough. But bidding on the wrong land or over paying for land that isn’t worth your time would cost greatly. So, you had to be smart and that was what made the game fun.

With the DLC, the developers wanted to make it more intuitive and more immersive. As well as adding more things to the game like new characters, they brought back some old favourites too. They even added a new mayor for the new town who, unlike the old one, gives his tips away for free. Not only that, but you can also mine a new substance: magma. By mining magma and oil you can create gas which will make you lots of money.

Yes, ultimately there is only one goal which is to make lots of money. However, in The Heat Is On, there is the chance for you to become mayor of your own town. By playing the game carefully and taking care of your money, you can buy up all the shares from your competitors and eventually own your own town. And who hasn’t wanted to be a mayor of a 19th century North American town? I know I have.

This game looks like it will be similar enough to the vanilla game that it won’t take too much time to grasp. But, it also looks different enough to keep you interested. I think this will definitely be a nice addition to the game, especially for fans.

You can pick up Turmoil: The Heat Is On from Steam now! 

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