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Date: June 4, 2019

They previously worked on both Conarium and Darkness Within, albeit under a different name, now Stormling Studios are working on a beautifully macabre game, known as Transient. It’s a heady mix of HP Lovecraftian horror and futuristic Cyberpunk elements and it’s heading our way in 2020.

You can take a sneaky peak into the bizarre world of Transient in the reveal trailer below.

Set far into the future, Transient tells the tell of the remaining population of Earth all living in an enclosed fortress called Doomed City Provence. A place specifically created to survive the harsh outside. Randolph Carter, a member of an infamous hacker-for-hire group called ODIN, stumbles across a terrifying secret. A secret that could destroy his mind and force him to question his existence.

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder says: “Iceberg has become the go-to publisher for those seeking their Lovecraftian fix – we will only enhance this reputation further with the addition of this grizzly creepfest”.

Stormling Studios’ Onur Samli says: “We are thrilled to reveal our new project, Transient. We are moving to a new level of nightmarish surrealism by melding our love of all things cyberpunk with the historic and classic elements of H.P. Lovecraft”.

Transient Features

  • Crossing HP Lovecraft and Cyberpunk. Explore a dystopian world, that’s shredding your sanity and nibbling at your consciousness, where change is permanent but reality is only temporary.
  • Switch between real and artificially created worlds
  • Dark, yet beautiful Unreal Engine 4 graphics
  • Plenty of Easter eggs and secrets to find
  • Disturbing and atmospheric soundtrack

Transient is currently slated for release in 2020 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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