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Date: December 12, 2013

tower of elements 2 logo image title Last year, round about June I think, I let you know of a Kickstarter project for a game called Dungeon of Elements. A wry mix of Tetris style puzzle and traditional rpg games. Long story short, they got the funds they needed and released Dungeon of Elements. Then they rested on their laurels.

Ok, they didn’t. Not by a long shot. No sooner had they released Dungeon of Elements that they started working on its sequel, Tower of Elements 2.

Their latest Kickstarter project, to raise funds for sound and voice work achieved its target within a mere 26 hours of going live.

Tower of Elements 2 merges match-3 puzzling and rpg elements, build your kingdom, defend it from your enemies while attacking any that threaten your existence.


Tower of Elements 2 Screenshot 2The match 3 puzzles determine the outcome of fights and battles, but it will be up to you, as your kingdoms leader to make the big decisions that affect both the story and the culture of your kingdom.

The bigger and better your kingdom, the more access you have to bigger and better spells, troops and buildings.  You choose which buildings to buy, which resources to gather and what your kingdom will become. Build wisely and you will be victorious.

Tower of Elements 2 ScreenshotAdd in to all that, achievements and a bestiary that will populate with the various enemies you face and there is a lot to keep you going in Tower of Elements 2.

Tower of Elements 2 isn’t ready yet they’re still putting the final touches to it.  If you want to find out more information on Tower of Elements 2 or you’re interested in helping to make ToE2 even bigger and better, you can visit their kickstarter page.

Keep an eye out for more info right here.

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