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Date: March 27, 2017

I know that many of you out there are big fans of American Football. So I know that you’re going to be interested when I share with you the details of Touchdown: Armour League. A rocket-powered, armour-clad 6v6 football game currently in development by Ares Games. A game that has this very day launched its Kickstarter campaign.

So what is Touchdown?

Just like in America Football, in Touchdown you equip yourself in protection, and you do your best to get the ball to the other end and score a touchdown. What is very unlike American Football is that the protection is a highly weaponised armoured power-suit, and your ‘best’ can include blowing your enemies up.

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So, if you’re a fan of playing American Football in advanced weaponised military power-suits, Touchdown will definitely be the game for you.

I’m sure I’ve got your interest now, so let’s talk a bit more about these power-suits. The suits come in a number of styles and utilities from fast and zippy, to slow destructive armoured power-houses. These suits are yours to customize, though having the best of everything won’t happen. It’s up to you how you kit out your suit but you and your other 5 teammates will need to work as a team to get the perfect balance.

Touchdown Weaving Through Rockets

The suits aren’t the only tools at your disposal. There are explosive grenades, and you can mod out your suits to increase your speed, health or increased self-healing you can also learn a number of skills that can make all the difference during a tense game. Skills like grappling hooks or stuns, can make sure you march your team to victory.

Touchdown Attack Skill GIF

If all this carnage seems great to you and there’s no reason it shouldn’t, then head over to their Kickstarter and help them hit their $50,000 target. One of the better prizes for donating is being able to add your own victory dance into the game. That’s right, if you generously give to the Kickstarter campaign you could have your own victory dance immortalised within Touchdown.

For more information on the Touchdown Kickstarter campaign, head to their official Kickstarter campaign page.

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