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Date: February 25, 2016

Because I spend most of my days doing my very good impression of being an adult, I’ve found that most of my gaming is now on mobile devices. Don’t get me wrong, I love my PC, and try to spend as long as possible gaming on it, but there is an easy 10 hours of week I travel that covers my mobile gaming. I’ll pretty much give all Mobile games a go providing they’re free, and out of everything I’ve got on the go, these are my top 5 mobile time-suckers…

Yes, I know. This one is still here and I am still playing it, although I’m definitely getting rather bored with it. The latest patch brings in owning your own casino, but it’s essentially just a different cover around patches that we’ve seen before. So, I find myself logging on out of a misplaced sense of duty or something, I dunno. Maybe, one month it will drop off altogether and I won’t play it anymore, but it isn’t yet.

Simpsons Tapped Out can be downloaded from the Apple store here

Marvel Avengers Academy IconAn interesting one this, a Marvel game that throws every single piece of Marvel lore out of the window, and casts younger versions of marvel heroes and villains within an academy ran by Nick Fury. So Loki, is hanging around with Wasp and Iron Man and they’re all joining forces to fight Hydra and other younger versions of super-villains. It’s all pretty confusing, but the gameplay kinda works. Allocate tasks to the heroes, and wait the allotted time. Not ground breaking I know and I don’t expect it to be on this list for months but right now, it’s pretty damn engaging.

Both Bee Brilliant and Disco Ducks come under the same flag. They are different games, sort of, but made by the same company. In Disco Ducks, you re-align gems into rows of 3+ which makes them disappear for points. Kind of a seventies funk Tetris really. Bee Brilliant, is along similar lines except you select chains of 3 or more hexagons, to remove the bricks. Both of these games have a lot of playability and there are daily quests, which I just can’t stop myself doing. I practically shake, over the prospect of missing one of the quests. I never thought, I’d like games like these but there you go.

Bee Brilliant can be downloaded from the Apple store here

Disco Ducks can be downloaded from the Apple store here

Hearthstone is another game that’s been plaguing my top lists for what seems like years now. Yep, Hearthstone is still there and it’s still a favourite. I’ve spent a lot of time going back and earning enough gold to complete the solo adventures. I’ve done the League of Explorers and I’m on the last leg of Naxxramus. Once, I’ve done them I’ll work my way through the last one, Blackrock Depths is it? What more is there to say, even with the forthcoming changes and new modes to be added to Hearthstone, is unlikely to move this one very quickly.

Hearthstone can be downloaded from the Apple store here

Star Trek Timelines IconNow this one is new and as mobile games go, this one piqued my interested very quickly. In short all the Star Trek timelines, have gone completely skewwhiff and crossed, and merged and generally got all scrambled together. Q, the omnipotent godlike Q voiced by John De Lancie asks for your help in getting it all sorted out, as it is way beyond his power. The game itself is a cross between collectible card games, and an RPG with a few space battles thrown in for good measure. Collect your crew, train them gear them up and complete quests. Some of the quests require points in certain skills such as diplomacy, engineering or security, and each character has certain traits such as Klingon, Federation, Doctor, or pilot which can boost quest actions or even unlock new routes through the quest.

The Space Battles, are quick and depending on the crew you have you can boost damage, evasion and / or accuracy. It is definitely worth a shot, but there are two little problems with it. Firstly, you can’t listen to music and play this as music apps get paused, and secondly you only have access for 20 characters unless you pay, so sometimes you have to dump one crew member so you can pick up another.

Star Trek Timelines can be downloaded from the Apple store here

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