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Date: June 30, 2016

I’ve been playing Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainments’ foray into the First person Shooter world now for a couple of weeks. I’m not exactly an expert; in fact some of the matches I’ve been in have been downright laughable, without many laughs. However, Overwatch is still a very fun game, and with so many characters on offer, it is easy to find the character that suits you.

I’ve played through most characters (if not all, it’s actually kinda hard to keep track) and through all the gorillas, cowboys, snipers, robots, tanks, soldiers and mercenaries’ I have now chosen my favourite three Overwatch characters. These aren’t in any particular order.

Widowmaker is one of two long-range snipers, she can grapple up surfaces give everyone in the team infra-vision which really reduces the number of surprise attacks, but more importantly she has a long-range sniper rifle designed to pick off your enemies with head-shots.

Sniping in itself is a skill. If you get too close you’ll get absolutely slaughtered, so you need to stay as far back as possible while still being able to be accurately enough to pull off a head-shot. Ideally, before you get sniped yourself. Widowmaker is the perfect choice if you want to stand at the back, and pick off your enemies from a distance.

Reaper is pretty much the opposite of Widowmaker. Instead of taking out enemies from a distance, Reaper gets really close and blows people away with two shotgun pistols. If you can get close enough, Reaper can be devastating.  How can you get close, well Reaper can teleport to any area he can see, or he can go wraith form and quickly travel around the map while being immune to damage. Hoorah!

Reapers special skill, Death Blossom quickly drains energy from all enemies around you, which can level a front line.

I generally don’t really do healing, well certainly not in MMO’s as I ultimately can’t stand the pressure, but also because there are usually so many things and buttons to remember. I was even more dubious with this FPS as you have people actively trying to kill you while you do it. Mercy is the easiest healer to get to grips with.

You have one button for healing via a yellow ghostbusters-style laser stream, and another button that increases the attack of the targeted friendly character via a blue ghostbuster laser-stream thing. Not only that, but her big power is to resurrect all friendly people in a radius around you. Firepower-wise she’s not that great, but hang back behind everyone else and heal like crazy and they’ll do all your killing for you.


Those are my top three favourite characters and I hope you enjoyed the videos. As these Overwatch videos no doubt show, I am in no way an expert. I do find the game incredibly fun, and maybe I’ll get better. I certainly hope I do.

Which are your favourite Overwatch characters? And more importantly does anyone have any tips for a newbie player?

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