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Date: August 1, 2018

Toki  – A Primitive Return

Keep rejoicing Nintendo Switch owners cause another retro title is coming. The Toki remake edition is coming on November 22, 2018. First released in 1989, Toki left its mark on an entire generation of players.  It’s unique because of its characters and arcade difficulty.

Toki is a remake of the original game with the help of Phillippe Dessoly, the original artist of the game. Pierre Adane lead developer for the Toki remake is so enthusiastic that he states “I’m very proud to be able to be bringing Toki back to life. There is an immense amount of pleasure in working on a project like this. For some time now Philippe and I have felt like working together again, and I’m happy that that’s coming together with Toki.”

Toki takes place during the first era of humankind where the main character, Toki and his wife Miho, live peacefully in a jungle. However, peace is soon to be gone when the witch doctor Doctor Vookimedlo lays on the beauty of Mihos and kidnaps her. On top of everything mentioned the witch doctor turns Toki into an ape to make his life a living hell. Toki will not give up without a fight and will do everything in his power to get back his lovely wife and his human appearance. Toki will not use conventional means to get Miho back along his journey he will get strange items like a football helmet, a pair of ferns and a Tuba.

The Toki remake will be a bundle with a few extra goodies which include

  • The box version of the Toki game.

  • An exclusive 16 – page Toki comic, with an original story illustrated by Philippe Dessoly.

  • Prints

  • Sticker Sheets
  • A mini arcade machine with the game’s colors to house the Nintendo Switch™ screen!

Toki Retrollector Edition will be available on November 22, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.

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