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Date: April 9, 2018

TOKI, the arcade game was released way back in the nineties. The platform game involving a jumping, and spitting ape is going to get a new facelift for the Nintendo Switch courtesy of collaboration between Microids, Philippe Dessoly (the artist for the original Toki on Amiga) and Pierre Adane (who worked on “Pang” on the Amiga)

The basic story of Toki is as follows. Toki a human warrior lived happily and peacefully in the jungle until Doctor Vookimedlo fell in love with his beloved, Miho. So, doing what evil witchdoctors do, he kidnapped Miho and turned Toki into an ape.  Determined to rescue his love, he sets off to take down all who stand in his way until he gets to Doctor Vookimedlo. Toki ignores conventional weapons and chooses to ‘hock-a-loogie’ on his enemies, picking up power-ups like American football helmets, tuba’s and ferns to help him on his way.

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For its grand return on Nintendo Switch, Philippe Dessoly, the artist for the original Toki on Amiga, the creator of Mr Nutz and of official artwork for Goldorak and Albator, is taking charge of the artistic direction.

“We are delighted to be bringing this character and concept back to life. We can’t wait to see the remake with completely reworked graphics. Bringing Philippe Dessoly and Pierre Adane back together again is very promising,” declares Alain Milly – VP Publishing for Microïds.

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Philippe Dessoly had this to say… “I have a very special relationship with this game, which I am particularly fond of – in a way it’s my equivalent of Proust’s Madeleine! As soon as the music starts, I’m plunged back into the time when we ported the game to Amiga and Atari, when there was a very particular atmosphere in the video game sector. It’s a very special souvenir for me, so 30 years later, when they asked me to do the remake, it was impossible to refuse. I really enjoy improving and reinterpreting character designs and backgrounds. I sincerely hope that a maximum number of players and fans of the original – like me – will have fun playing it.”

Pierre Adane, developer of Toki declares, “I’m very proud to be able to be bringing Toki back to life. There is an immense amount of pleasure in working on a project like this. For some time now Philippe and I have felt like working together again, and I’m happy that that’s coming together with Toki.”

The Nintendo Switch remake of Toki allows everyone to experience this classic arcade game again; remake will allow everyone to experience this classic game. Stay tuned for more information when we have it.

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