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Date: August 2, 2019

When a lot of people think of ‘competitive gaming,’ they initially picture kids (or grown-ups) sat in their living rooms, smashing away at controllers and computer mice. While that may have been the case a couple of decades ago, the reality is a lot different now – and more box office! Much like how ‘normal’ sports steal the show with the amazing stadiums and the worldwide television coverage, ESports are harboring a lot of positive, extravagant attention.

For critics, video game competitions are just people sit down pressing buttons, but it’s so much more than that. Tactics, mental strength, outwitting opponents. These are things you need in all sports, and gaming is another one on that list. If you’re quite the Debby Downer in regards to this kind of thing, allow us to explain to you how competitive gaming can positively boost a human being’s attitude and life as a whole.  

We all need to have those basic skills in life so that we can function. Listening, learning, paying attention, and remembering are just a few of them. Video games train all of these aspects of our brains. You might think that people are mindlessly zoned out when playing. What’s really happening is that they are taking in lots of information and their mind is building things up.

Whether it’s as a professional gamer (it’s unlikely, but it can happen), a YouTuber, or a blogger, this new sport and technology allow more jobs to be created. You can now literally make a good living off of video games and the culture surrounding it. Kids slouching in their chairs playing games were stereotypically seen as those that will not amount to anything. We’ll see. 

Photo by Anthony Brolin on Unsplash

When you’re a kid growing up – especially if you’re male – you can sometimes be seen as a little different if you’re not into sports of any kind. There’s no reason for this, but it just seems to happen. That can be a little disheartening socially. ESports do a tremendous job of adding that fire and competitiveness to these lads and lasses that may not have been there in decades gone by.

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Something that everyone needs to have in their life is humility and magnanimity. It’s great when we win, and it sucks when we lose, but we have to be able to treat those two results as the same. When you play competitive Esports, you’re going to lose a lot. It’s not all about the glory! Removing that sense of childishness and gaining a more mature perspective is essential in life.

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Traditionally, sports and other passions have been seen as a way of stopping kids from worse-off backgrounds stepping into a life of crime. Believe it or not, video games and Esports can also do that. It can keep them off the streets and engaged in something that they can really sink their teeth into. All it takes for them is to get an XBOX or to learn how to download a few games (, and they could be set. It can then create motivation for something other than a life of stupidity.  

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